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Jul 16, 2016

TRUCK ROBBERIES * Mexico: Soared 1000% in 10 years

* Mexico City - Criminal gangs move faster than Ferromex

--- Robbing trucks and trains has seen an alarming increase over the last 10 years, reaching the point where an estimated 20 train thefts take place every day... According to the chairman of the transport commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the theft of tractor-trailers and their cargo has increased by 100% during the last 10 years, while that of trains has soared by over 1000%... “Everybody [in these industries] knows they’ll get robbed, so they don’t file complaints. The criminals are convinced that, even if they’re caught, they’ll be released soon after. This is a legal weakness,” said Alfredo Rodríguez Ávila, a lawmaker... In the case of transport trucks, statistics “aren’t reliable because the Federal Police force lacks the infrastructure to maintain a reliable registry of truck or cargo thefts.” ... For Canacar, Mexico’s national trucking association, there needs to be legislation designating the thefts as federal crimes because it sees the issue as a problem of national security... 
(Photo: Thieves target Coke again in Chilpancingo. 5 trucks stolen since company resumed deliveries)  --  Mexico City, MEX - Mexico News Daily - July 12, 2016

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