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Jul 12, 2016


* England - Roland Berger: Truck automation may stall on early business case

--- The logistics of moving goods about with trucks may be open to a stepwise evolution towards full automation. The prospect of full automation, in which drivers are no longer required, is tantalising to the trucking industry owners whose major costs – outside capex – are fuel and drivers. Yet intervening stages come with significant investment costs and legal issues, which may put off rapid evolution in the market from the side of fleet operators and OEMs... In a new report from Roland Berger’s Americas Commercial Vehicle practice, titled ‘Automated Trucks: The next big disruptor in the automotive industry?’, the consultancy considers the effect of different levels of automation on the trucking industry, as well as the key drivers holding off, and urging, market evolution... * Conclusion: The payback period is relatively slow for two of the scenarios in which trucks are active, and given how far off full automation the technology is (15+ years), the pull for development of the technology is expected to be slow from both fleet operators and OEMs. OEMs are concerned about legal conditions surrounding the technology, while some OEMs may baulk at the costs. Yet, besides cost benefits to fleet operators and the legalese surrounding on road regulation, the technology also has the capacity to significantly improve safety on the road...  
 London, EN, UK -, by Stephan Keese - 7 July 2016

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