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Jul 6, 2016

RENAULT's news * Australia: The new Trafic

Final Mile: Renault Trafic LWB

--- On paper, some may think Renault has taken a gamble with the new ‘long wheelbase’ (LWB) version of the Trafic. The wheelbases across the 2015 range were already up to 210mm longer than in the past, so why add an extra 400mm between the axle centres if the payload advantage is only 37kg? Not to mention the additional 1.3m added to the van’s turning circle. And why choose a smaller 1.6-litre engine to replace the old 2.0-litre one?... Luckily for Renault, the package does make sense for its intended target audience. To accommodate bulky loads, the extra 400mm may prove crucial to some delivery businesses that don’t necessarily aim for maximum payload. When using the “load through” flap door in the steel bulkhead that allows access to the space beneath the passenger seat, articles as long as 4.14m can now be transported safely.... And, the new engine may only have a capacity of 1.6 litres, but it performs much better than the old unit – mainly by virtue of its twin turbocharger set up, which also contributes to remarkable fuel economy: Also helped by the smart engine stop/start system, the LWB achieved a low 6.5 litres/100km during our test...

... Cubic load volume, however, is the LWB’s main strength. With 6.0m3 compared to the SWB’s 5.2 m3, there is enough room for two standard Australian pallets in the cargo bay. The steel floor is solid enough to take a beating, with plenty of strengthening ribbing and load anchors included. The option sheet lists a wooden floor for those not wanting to lash every piece of their load down. The LWB’s rear doors open to 180°, with 270° fold backs and a barn door also available...
 (Photo: With the launch of the new Trafic range in 2015, Renault has matched larger vans with smaller engines. Does the equation work out?)  --  Australia - Prime Mover - 5 July 2016



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