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Jul 1, 2016

MINIMUM WAGE * Australia: Controversial initiative

* New South Wales - Lochinvar's Brittney Bayliss takes a stand at PM Malcolm Turnbull's rally to fight for truckie owner drivers

--- A young Lochinvar woman whose parents operate their own trucking business, is waging a war against Labor’s push to reintroduce the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT), a move she said will bring truck owner drivers to their knees... Brittney Bayliss, 25, recently took her campaign to a national level, speaking at a rally opposing the RSRT alongside Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull... Mr Turnbull has reinforced the Coalition’s election pledge to ensure the controversial RSRT remains inactive, to thwart the Opposition’s revitalisation plans... The RSRT put in place a minimum wage bar which affected about 35,000 owner operator truck drivers by meaning they had to charge a minimum amount for transportation... Ms Bayliss said her father has been driving trucks for 40 years, her mother also a former driver, now doing book work for the family business... Mr Turnbull said the RSRT had nothing to do with road safety and was only designed to support and promote the union... 
(Photo: DRIVING FORCE: Brittney Bayliss speaking at the rally with Malcolm Turnbull, Michaelia Cash and Russell Matheson, Federal Member for Macarthur)  --   Lochinvar, NSW, Australia - Maitland Mercury, by DONNA SHARPE - June 30, 2016

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