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Jul 29, 2016


* New York City's trash is Mack's treasure

--- Mack Trucks and the New York City Department of Sanitation are in talks to test out dimethyl ether (DME) as a new alternative fuel for its massive refuse fleet, but in the interim the truck maker brought reporters to the Big Apple to understand some of the processes involved in cleaning up after more than 8.5 million residents... With a fleet of more than 7,000 vehicles, of which more than 90% of the 2,500 refuse trucks are Mack, DiRico said most heavy-duty sanitation trucks have a lifespan of about 7-10 years. Interestingly, all refuse trucks double as snow plows during the winter. A plow is simply attached to the front of the truck. Drivers even work the same routes be it summer or winter... The department has access to labs where it tests alternative fuels such as DME, which can provide up to a 95% CO2 reduction compared to diesel when produced from biomass or biogas. Mack even has a DME-powered Pinnacle truck ready for testing. Perhaps most importantly, DME can be made from waste with the right infrastructure in place... A timeline for testing DME has yet to be established. Currently, the refuse fleet runs on a B20 biodiesel blend... 
(Photo: A Mack garbage truck show at the NYC Central Repair Shop)  --  New York, NY, USA - Today's Trucking, by David Nesseth - Jul 27, 2016

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