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Jul 4, 2016

INFRASTRUCTURE * France: The highways are seeking future

* Paris - Fluidity, safety, environment and interoperability

--- Private motorway companies will invest € 3.27 billion in the work and development that will run for eight years. Beyond these projects, they aim to participate in the new laws of "intelligent mobility"... Between 2016 and 2024, the main motorway concession (APRR, Cofiroute, AWS, Sanef ...) will spend € 3.27 billion in several projects on their networks... Fluidity improved traffic levels higher security, environmental integration, interoperability ...  are the work areas claimed by the concession companies, wishing to place at the heart of "mobility of tomorrow" and that the financial resources (9.4 € billion in revenue in 2015, against € 8.4 billion in 2011)... Stresses ASFA, referring to a survey published in June 2016 indicating that 86% of French expect that French motorways are fully digitized and connected in 2050. Among them, 68% consider it a priority payment of tolls without barriers. This is one of the services highlighted for heavy weight of 3.5 tons... In 2016, 3,008 km of track are equipped for electronic tolling, with a number of subscribers rose by almost 50% between 2010 and 2015 (from 493,000 to 733,000 subscribers PL-tis), with an average of 226 transactions per card per year. The non-stop electronic toll collection is also part of future developments, which team is 180 toll gates on 598 nonstop routes... Recall that on highways, trucks represent 32% of revenues and 14% of traffic. In 2015, it generated € 2.89 billion of consecutive revenue to 173 million transactions (+ 2.7% compared to 2014)... 
Paris, France - WK, T & L - 1 July 2016

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