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Jul 20, 2016

HUNGRY Venezuelans ON THE BORDER WITH Colombia

* Colombia  - Sends 46 trucks to restock after 120,000 Venezuelans cross border to buy goods

--- After more than 123,000 Venezuelans entered Colombia over the weekend to buy basic goods, Colombian officials sent 46 trucks to restock the border town of Cucuta... Colombia's Foreign Ministry estimates 35,000 Venezuelans entered on Saturday, while 88,000 entered on Sunday. Venezuelans began queuing at the town of San Antonio del Tachira to cross the Simón Bolívar bridge to reach the Colombian town of Cucuta in the Norte de Santander province. Venezuelans also entered Colombia through the Pedro Maria Ureña international bridge... The Colombian National Police escorted the 46 trucks to Cucuta after fears of skyrocketing prices and scarcity due to unprecedented demand... 
(Photo courtesy of Colombian National Police - Colombian officials sent 43 trucks full of basic goods to the Norte de Santander province after more than 120,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia to purchase basic goods) -- Snatander, Colombia - UPI, by Andrew V. Pestano - July 18, 2016



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