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Jul 27, 2016

GREENHOUSE EMISSION * Europe - Reduction targets

* European Commission unveils greenhouse gas targets

--- The European Commission on Wednesday unveiled binding greenhouse emission reduction targets for every European Union country from 2021-2030, including for the U.K., which could be out of the bloc by then... The commission on Wednesday also announced it will come up with legislation aimed at spurring car manufacturers to switch to low and zero-emitting vehicles. Europe’s land transport represents 34% of all energy consumption and 96% is oil-based... Currently, only 0.7% of Europe’s cars and lorries are low- or zero-emitting and if policies continue unchanged, that is expected to rise to only 7% by 2030 and 17% by 2050. As the bloc has expressed the ambition of moving toward mostly zero-emitting cars by 2050, a market share of up to 19% would be needed by 2030... The commission in the next few months plans to come forward with fuel efficiency standards for lorries and buses and a series of other proposals, including a revamp of electricity market rules to allow for buildings to be hooked to the system and function as fueling stations for electric cars... Advocacy group Climate Action Network expressed skepticism that the current proposals will allow for the goal of limiting the rise in global temperature below 2°C, as agreed at the Paris climate conference... Others said that while CO2 standards for cars, vans and trucks were important, trains, ships and planes should also be covered...
Brussels, Belgium - The WSJ, by VALENTINA POP - July 20, 2016



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