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Jul 17, 2016

DISTRACTED TRUCKER * New Zealand : Driver and 31 cows free

* North Island - Talks to divert trucks from passing the nations second most hit bridge

--- A cattle truck wedged under a 3.9 metre bridgehas sparked action from Taumarunui Police to ban trucks from passing under what is believed to be the second most hit rail bridge in the country... Constable Mark Bolten said the inconvenience caused by a cattle truck on Tuesday, July 4 at 5pm, was enough to start the ball rolling... He said if nothing is done to change the situation Police will start laying criminal charges... It took over two hours to free the truck and remove 31 cows... The driver and cattle received no injuries and no alcohol was involved... He said the driver had previously been driving a smaller truck and didn't know anything was wrong until he hit the bridge... 
(Photo by FRANCES FERGUSON/FAIRFAX NZ - Yet another truck gets wedged under the country's second most hit rail bridge in Short St, Taumarunui) -- Taumarunui, North Island, New Zealand - Stuff/Fairfax, by FRANCES FERGUSON - July 13 2016

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