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Jul 21, 2016

DANGEROUS TRUCKER * UK: For him, not traffic light

* England - Truck driver's dangerous mistake shows why you should always be careful on the road

--- In astonishing footage – shot by a fellow motorist in America – a truck driver casually cruises along a busy avenue... For him it's just another day, another dollar transporting goods... No red, amber or green as the traffic light is dragged along by the lorry... But what the silly trucker doesn't realise is that he's picked up a little accessory on the journey – a traffic light... In the video baffled motorists stop their cars and watch on as the lorry continues on its journey as if nothing is happening... He even turns left at a junction with the light still hanging over the top of the vehicle... 
 (Photo: TURNING: The witless driver makes a left turn with the traffic light hanging off his lorry)   --  London, EN, UK - The Daily Star, by Andrew McDonald - 20th July 2016



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