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Jul 6, 2016


* ACT - Emotional drivers causing collision chaos

- Two in five Aussies have had a collision or near collision as a result of driver distraction - 45% of distracted drivers said it was because their mind was elsewhere – they were tired, stressed, angry or sad 

--- Australian drivers are putting their lives at risk by driving while mentally distracted, and making matters worse by multi-tasking behind the wheel, a new study from Australia’s independent national road transport research body, ARRB Group, has shown. The study of more than 1,000 Australians found two in five have had a collision or near collision as a result of driver distraction, with 45% of those saying their mind was elsewhere as a result of being tired, stressed, angry or sad. What’s more, half of Australians (49%) have driven on autopilot – driven somewhere and not been able to remember all or part of their journey – with one in 20 unable to recall their entire journey every time they drive as a result of their mind being elsewhere. ARRB Chief Scientist for Human Factors, Professor Mike Regan, said the survey findings are supported by an additional academic research report from ARRB and highlight the havoc driver distraction is causing on our roads...
 (Image: ARRB reasons for distracted drivers) -- Canberra, ACT, Australia - Big Rig - 6th Jul 2016

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