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Jun 2, 2016

TRUCKS PORT TIMES * USA: 38' instead of 85' minutes

* California - Automation halves truck turn times at Long Beach port terminal

... Anthony Otto told a meeting of the California Trucking Association in Long Beach last week that the portion of the terminal that has been automated is producing average turn times, from arrival at the pedestal outside the entry gate to the exit gate, of 38 minutes to 40 minutes. By comparison, the truck mobility turn times published each month by the Harbor Trucking Association listed the average turn time in April as 85 minutes... The key to the improved operations at Middle Harbor terminal is the repositioning of the container stacks from being parallel to the vessel, as in conventional U.S. terminals, to running perpendicular from the vessel to the gate. First of all, this allows the terminal operator to separate the yard tractors that service the vessels from the trucks that enter the facility from the street... Although the automated portion of Middle Harbor has been operating for only two months, Weston LaBar, executive director of the HTA, said the terminal is achieving reduced turn times, much to the satisfaction of truckers. Middle Harbor will now have to prove that it can continue to achieve rapid turn times as it ramps up its operations from 2,000 gate moves per day to 3,000 later this year. Otto said Middle Harbor will be handling about 4,000 gate moves per day by the end of 2017...  
Long Beach, CAL, USA - JOC, by Bill Mongelluzzo - 31 May 2016



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