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Jun 1, 2016


* Northland - Driver shortage hitting local trucking businesses

-- An acute shortage of heavy goods drivers in Northland has prompted an industry leader to warn the situation will not improve unless the right people are identified for the profession and groomed through the education system... As calls are made by Unions Northland for wages for logging truck and other heavy goods drivers to be increased, the Road Transport Forum said downward pressure on freight rates, high operating costs, and a shortage of drivers were affecting trucking businesses hugely... Forum chief executive Ken Shirley said while an H5 licence was the legal threshold for heavy truck and trailer drivers in the country, it did not make them competent and experienced... Mr Shirley did not know the reason for a shortage of truck drivers, but said the problem was being felt throughout the world including the likes of the US, UK, and most OECD countries...  On calls for better pay for truck drivers, the former Whangarei mayor said that was not possible at this stage because of low freight charges... Unions Northland said many truck drivers earn $16.60 an hour and says the rate should be in the mid-$20s... 
 (Photo by Michael Cunningham - Stan Semenoff with his trucks -in the background- that must be grounded due to a driver shortage) -- Whangarei, Borthland, New Zealand - NZ Herald, by Imran Ali - May 31, 2016



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