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Jun 3, 2016


* DC - Conflicting views on trucker hours, 'restart' collide in Congress 

--  Shippers, trucking companies and others eager for clarity on truck driver work rules that affect the flow of goods throughout the U.S. will have to wait as Congress spends more hours reconciling competing trucking provisions in House and Senate transportation spending bills... At stake is the future of the restart provision introduced in 2004 that allows truckers to reset their weekly hours-of-service clocks and get back on the road after 34 hours off-duty... The restart has been credited with improving the productivity of drivers and trucks and criticized for shortening weekend rest breaks and pushing truckers back onto the road too quickly... There may be many long hours of debate yet before the future of the 34-hour restart and HOS rules becomes clearer. At the end of the current "on-duty" cycle in Washington next January, a new White House and Congress are likely to determine what route the regulations will take... 
Washington, DC, USA - JOC, by William B. Cassidy - May 31, 2016

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