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Jun 29, 2016

SAVING FUEL * USA: Reducing 500,000 barrels of oil

* DC - Feds ask trucks to guzzle less fuel, cut emissions

--- A federal proposal for trucks to increase fuel economy and cut carbon emissions would reduce diesel use by 500,000 barrels of oil by 2040, according to a new analysis by the U.S. Department of Energy... The standards, issued in 2015 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, take effect in 2021. They get tougher through 2027, according to the Energy Information Administration report... Typical passenger vehicles, which consume 59 percent of the country’s transportation energy, are not affected... The new rules would affect heavy-duty pickup trucks, school buses, ambulances, garbage trucks and semi-trucks, among others, which account for about 20 percent of U.S. transportation energy use... The goal of the new standards is for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to get 10.6 miles per gallon on average by 2040, a 33 percent improvement over current requirements... The energy administration report said “small changes in fuel economy” in those large trucks “can have outsized effects.” Switching from a truck that gets 8 mpg to the gallon to a truck that gets 10 has the same savings per mile as trading a car that gets 20 miles per gallon for one that gets 40, according to the report...
(Photo by Alan Sadler)  --   Washington, DC, USA - Fuel Fix, by David Hunn - June 28, 2016

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