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Jun 4, 2016

ROADS SAFETY * USA: Truckers only drive 12 hour and take 10 hours off ???

* Georgia - Trucking safety on the highway

--- The charts show inspections by the motor vehicle carrier compliance unit up by 7000, and violations during those inspections up almost 11,000... Compliance by drivers because they know these officers are watching. The charts break down numbers of crashes by the time of day and location. That way officials know when most officers should be scheduled and on the roads for maximum safety and compliance checks... There is still a big job ahead. Texting and Cell Phone violations by truckers have almost doubled since last May, and speeding violations by big rigs have nearly tripled... The biggest danger everyone agrees is driving too long... Truckers are supposed to only drive for 12 hour stretches and take 10 hours off before hitting the road again... Compliance officers will be checking log books and making sure no driver is forging his hours, which can be a criminal offense... 
 (Picture taken by Trucam of a truck following another 18 wheeler too closely. In this case just 1.3 seconds behind)  --  Savannah, GA, USA - WSAV, by Andrew Davis - June 1, 2016

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