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Jun 23, 2016


* Mumbai - Indian vehicles are much louder than automobiles elsewhere in the world

--- Indian vehicles are probably much louder than automobiles elsewhere in the world. According to auto industry experts, India's noise cutoff for horns at 93 decibel (dB), according to the Central Motor Vehicle Rule (CMVR) 119is in line with international standards, but the top end of the noise rangeat 112dB is higher... Also, a lot of vehicular noise is caused by air horns and multi-toned horns, as TOI campaign in association with Awaaz Foundation has highlighted. The import or local production of these air horns is not controlled or monitored... Auto experts say the 93-112dB horn noise level for vehicles in Indiameasured at a distance seven metres from the position of a horn and at a height of 0.5 to 1.5 metreswas on par with EU standards until recently... The matter is now under consideration of an expert committee set up by MPCB. Meanwhile, a draft notification for an Ambulance Code for sirens has been prepared by the ministry of road transport and highways where the range is 110-120 dB...
(Photo: Tata Motors launches Zest -compact sedan-, 9 Jun, in Colombo -Shri Lanka) -- Mumbai, India - TNN, by Nandini Sen Gupta - 21 June 2016



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