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Jun 10, 2016

DRAYAGE TRUCKS * USA: First private weighing service

* New Jersey - Trucking company offers NY-NJ port shippers SOLAS weighing service

-- A trucking company that serves the Port of New York and New Jersey is offering to weigh containers for $10 each to enable shippers to meet the verified gross mass requirement, in what’s believed to be the first third-party weighing service in the port aimed at the new regulations... Newark-based SalSon Logistics said it will weigh trucks, calculate the weight of the container and contents, and scan the weight receipt before sending it to the terminal and carrier. The service is aimed at helping shippers provide the VGM information required under the International Maritime Organization’s Safety of Life at Sea rule, which takes effect July 1... The rule, approved in 2014, is aimed at cracking down on overweight containers, which have contributed to maritime accidents. Some terminals say they will turn away containers for which the VGM is not provided, and others will allow the container into the terminal, but it can’t be loaded onto a vessel until the information is provided... The company’s scale, which will be based about 10-minute drive from the closest port terminal, will give truckers that arrive at the port without the required information a ready option to obtain it — and one that at the moment appears to be cheaper than the alternatives... Bethann Rooney, an assistant director at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said the service is the first third-party weighing service outside of the terminals that the authority has heard of aimed at helping truckers get SOLAS compliant... 
(Photo: Salvatore Berritto, operations manager for SalSon Logistics of Newark, next to a truck on the weighing machine that the company will use to provide SOLAS-compliant weights for 0 each container)   --  Newark, NJ, USA - JOC, by Hugh R. Morley - Jun 07, 2016



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