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May 25, 2016

TRUCKERS' HOS * USA: A transportation funding bill

* DC - Senate keeps Hours-of-Service fix

  (Video from truckingresearch. Uploaded on Aug 18, 2008)

-- The Senate has passed a transportation funding bill that includes a fix of earlier legislative language that muddied what might happen to the Hour of Service rule’s restart provisions if a mandated study cannot show that the restart changes benefitted drivers... The measure also includes a firm deadline for issuing a federal speed-limiter rule for Class 7-8 trucks... Now, the HOS ball is in the House’s court... The Senate bill would clarify how the results of a Department of Transportation study -mandate by an earlier bill- will eventually impact HOS restart provisions. The measure includes language that aims to prevent drivers from abusing the restart rule by capping the amount of time they can spend behind the wheel or on duty at 73 hours per week... As for speed-limiters, the Senate measure directs the Department of Transportation to issue a final rule requiring speed-limiting devices on Class 7 and 8 trucks “not later than 6 months” after the THUD bill is enacted... 
Washington, DC, USA - TruckingInfo, by David Cullen - May 20, 2016

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