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May 27, 2016

MAN Trucks' news * Germany

* Munich - Volkswagen’s MAN Trucks triples tech team as big rigs go online

-- Volkswagen AG’s truck unit MAN is nearly tripling the size of its digital division to add self-driving technology and make freight loading more efficient, seeking new sources of income as big rigs are increasingly linked via the Internet... The technology team will increase to about 120 people by the end of the year from 45 currently, MAN CEO Joachim Drees said in an interview. Volkswagen said last month its MAN and Scania commercial vehicle units will spend a combined mid-three-digit million-euro amount in the next five years on connectivity to keep pace with similar efforts at Daimler AG, the biggest truckmaker... Connecting trucks online to provide real-time data is essential for logistics... Truck makers say they need to offer brand-specific services such as monitoring engine performance alongside platforms open to all brands since fleet operators rarely use one type of truck only... 
(Photo by Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg News)  --  Munich, Germany - Bloomberg News/Transport Topics, by Elisabeth Behrmann - 25 May 2016



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