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May 25, 2016

MACK TRUCKS's news * USA: Now a drayage truck - * And a new automated manual transmission

* NC - Mack Trucks to demonstrate zero-emission capable drayage trucks 

--- Mack Trucks will demonstrate two zero-emission capable Class 8 drayage trucks as part of a California-based heavy-duty truck development project designed to help reduce air pollution at freight-intensive locations throughout the state... SCAQMD will partner with four separate air quality districts in California to work toward the first large-scale demonstration of zero-emission heavy-duty trucks. As one of the truck manufacturers selected to receive funding, the Mack trucks will focus on ultra-low NOx technologies, while advancing plug-in hybrid and geo-fencing capabilities explored in previous and on-going projects... The goals of the zero-emission capable drayage truck project include reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions at locations with heavy freight volumes, including ports, rail yards and the freight corridors connecting them... Mack's efforts will build upon its experiences in designing and demonstrating a plug-in hybrid electric drayage truck based on a Mack® Pinnacle™ daycab model... 
(Photo from Mack Trucks: A zero-emission drayage trucks) -- Greensboro, NC, USA - Volvo Group Global, by Christopher Heffner - May 19, 2016

* NC - Mack Granite gets mDrive HD

-- Mack Trucks says increasing customer demand has led it to make its mDrive HD 13-speed automated manual transmission (AMT), introduced in March, standard on Mack Granite models. Featuring a low-ratio creeper gear, the transmission is said to help boost customer productivity thanks to improved performance and reduced weight... Mack also says it's the first truck maker in North America to offer low-reduction creeper-gear ratios in a proprietary AMT. Mack will make the 13-speed AMT standard on the Granite model starting with production of the 2017 MP8 engine. The gearbox is also available on Mack Pinnacle and Titan models... Available in direct or overdrive configurations, the mDrive HD 13-speed's creeper-gear ratio is designed for easier startability on steep grades or when the truck is carrying a heavy load... 
(Photo: The Mack® mDRIVE™ HD 13-speed automated manual transmission (AMT) is standard on Mack Granite® models)   --   Greensboro, NC, USA - Today's Trucking (CAN) - May 25, 2016



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