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May 16, 2016

IGNITION LOCKS in TRUCKS * Canada - Checking alcohol-free breath sample free

* PEI - Atlantic provinces buy 1,000 alcohol ignition locks

--- The governments of Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces have completed a joint procurement process for 1,000 alcohol-screening ignition-interlock devices to fight impaired driving on the region’s highways... The deal was announced May 2 under a five-year joint-procurement initiative between each province and Alcolock Canada of Toronto, the company providing the ignition devices... Atlantic Canadians install the alcohol-screening devices as part of driver licence reinstatement following a conviction for impaired driving. Once installed in a vehicle, these devices prevent it from being started and driven unless the driver can provide an alcohol-free breath sample free. The use of these devices is typically imposed by courts or voluntarily assumed by a driver as part of conditions following a suspension for an impaired driving conviction. The costs of installing and monitoring will be paid by the individuals involved... 
(Photo: Volvo Trucks was the first truck maker in the world to introduce an alcohol-screening ignition lock as an aftermarket accessory in 2002)   --  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island — Today's Trucking - May 11, 2016

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