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May 19, 2016

GOOGLE´s "Android" for cars * USA: TECHNO-TRUCKS

* California - Google revs up auto-based Android

---  Google announced a blizzard of car-based Android operating system updates Wednesday as the Silicon Valley tech giant tries to accelerate the convergence of automobiles and computer networks... The introduction of Android N, an open-source operating system provides a glimpse at a future in which manufacturers may be able to more affordably develop in-car technology, and where autonomous cars will be able to communicate with one another... The Google I/O conference is held in Mountain View near the company’s California headquarters in order to update developers on the latest Google wizardry from virtual reality to transportation. Google has been active in the auto space since its marshmallow-shaped autonomous Google car made headlines... KBB’s Brauer sees Google’s Android operating as a key step toward self-driving vehicles. Though fleets of operating system-sharing, autonomous cars are sci-fi stuff for now, industry insiders predict a future of dedicated lanes for autonomous cars that can safely travel at 100-plus miles per hour while networking with one another to travel just inches apart... 
(Photo Google: Google’s infotainment system is displayed in a 15-inch screen in the car’s center console and features an Android user interface) -- Mountain View, CAL, USA - The Detroit News, by Henry Payne - May 18, 2016



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