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May 23, 2016

FEDEX's news * USA: Acquisition of TNT EXPRESS

* Tennessee - Last lap for the acquisition of TNT Express by FedEx
--- FedEx potentially holds 88.4% stake in TNT Express, following the tender offer which ended May 13, 2016. All conditions have now been satisfied or lifted, allowing the operation of realization Announced 25 May... The friendly takeover of TNT FedEx Express, which will give birth to a new giant transportation and logistics, comes to an end. The completion of the transaction is scheduled for 25 May 2016. "A date that will mark the history of the two companies" go together "transform the global transportation industry," said David Bronczek, president and CEO of FedEx Express in a statement issued May 18, 2016... All conditions of the offer were "satisfied or (wholly or partially) lifted", say the two groups. Following the takeover bid, which was due to expire May 13, 2016, FedEx got hold 88.4% stake in TNT Express , representing a total value of 3.9 billion euros (8 euros per share). Payment must be made ​​on 25 May, when their union then become official... The remaining shares of TNT Express FedEx may be offered to the same conditions, within the framework of a new period of post-closing acceptance which runs from 19 May to 1 June 2016... 
Memphis, TENN, USA - WK Transport et Logistique - 18 May 2016



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