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May 31, 2016

CRUEL LONG-HAUL TRANSPORT * Europe: Horses through the countries

* EU tardy in tackling the cruel long-haul transport of slaughter horses

... The campaign to end the long-haul transportation of horses to slaughter across Europe is symptomatic of precisely this kind of frustration... The cruelty of the long-haul transport of horses has been methodically documented in Europe for years, with the British-based charity World Horse Welfare leading the charge. Its evidence is compelling... There is widespread acceptance within the EU that these long trips are awful for horses... According to official figures, the number of horses transported over long distances is still 54,000 horses forced to endure huge journeys, only to end up at an abattoir... Today, World Horse Welfare sent out an email that highlighted yet again the plight of horses being hauled these ridiculous distances... They were being unloaded for a “rest” of 24 hours at the control post before being transported for a further 12 hours to their final destination... The horses, he said, were not only exhausted and stressed, but were extremely dehydrated and eager to drink as soon as they could... “The lorry and its load of exhausted, stressed and frightened horses had just arrived after a 24-hour journey from Poland, through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and on into Italy” ... World Horse Welfare one of its field officers, Tony Evans said, it was vital to stop such long-haul journeys... 
 (Photo: World Horse Welfare - The charity World Horse Welfare has again highlight concerns around the long haul transportation of horses to slaughter across Europe) -- Horsetalk (New Zealand), by Neil Clarkson - 30 May 2016

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