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May 24, 2016

CGT & FO: TRUCKERS NIGHT HOURS * France: "The law are to fight"

* Paris - Labor law in transport: after overtime, night hours raise questions

--- The Secretary of State for Transport has agreed that the "Labor Law" does not modify the conditions of overtime pay. But the trade unions now demand guarantees on the night hours...... After a week of strikes and blockades, the CGT and FO federations have obtained partial satisfaction on the system of overtime. The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, has cracked a letter to all the unions of the transport dated 20 May. He claimed that all necessary measures will be taken to the Labour Law does not come to change the derogatory regulatory framework applied in road transport in terms of remuneration of drivers' working hours... Will there be the same cacophony around the night hours? In any case the new front in the looming struggle of trade unions of transport workers against the labor law... "The actions must not stop, other devices provided in the law are to fight, including night hours," say the CGT and FO Transport Transport in a joint statement issued on May 21... 
(Photo: Border between France & Spain, La Jonquera has becomed a huge truck stop. Daily transit 10000 vehicles) -- Paris, France . WK Transport et Logistique, by Anne Kerriou - 23 May 2016

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