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May 10, 2016


* DC - Calls for better aerodynamics for day-cab trucks

--- A new report from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) calls for truck designers to look more closely at making day-cab models more aerodynamically efficient... The report says that much focus has been placed on the design of long-haul trucks and aerodynamic devices for them over the years and this has equated to an up to 30% improvement in fuel consumption in the sector... But it questions why the same emphasis hasn’t been placed on making the same improvements when it comes to day-cabs, which they say can also realize the benefits of drag reduction... The NACFE found that the newest sleeper models from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) had already mostly been optimized to provide the best performance, however, one area where this was not the case was in day-cab models... The report saying that the common convention is that speeds are too low for significant savings from aerodynamic efficiency, but the NACFE says if fleets pursued greater adoption of aerodynamics they could see fuel efficiency gains in all operating environments... In portions of driving at highway speeds, aerodynamic improvements could increase fuel efficiency by as much as 13%, according to the NACFE report... 
Washington, DC, USA - Behind the Wheels (Australia), by KATE RICHARDS - May 7, 2016

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