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Sep 15, 2013


* Queens Park: ‘Fairness’ bill fails to pass

(Photoby Gabor Degre,Bangor Daily News - A Canadian logging truck with a load of wood from T16 R14 heads for Canada on Tuesday)
Toronto,Ontario,CAN -The Cornwall Standard Freeholder, by Cheryl Brink -September 12, 2013: -- A bill aimed at improving interprovincial trade failed to pass second reading in the Ontario legislature on Thursday, despite a last-minute show of support from Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak... Local MPP Jim McDonell had been a vocal advocate of the private member’s bill that would have cracked down on Quebec workers flooding Ontario job sites... “If they would need the same papers, that would be fair,” said Norm Robitaille. “They should have to have the same credentials for every company”... He said there are plenty of contractors with jobs in the area that hail from Quebec, while traffic heading the other direction is sparse... But his push for fairness across the border faced opposition from both the Liberals and the NDP... Labour minister, Yasir Naqvi, said the Liberals refuse to support a motion that would close off access to workers...

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