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Jun 14, 2013

* USA - Strong environment for trucking companies in April

* Indiana - Trucking Conditions Index stays ‘very positive’ for fleets 

Bloomington,IND,USA -CCJ -June 12, 2013: -- The Trucking Conditions Index — calculated monthly by FTR Associates — continued to point toward a very strong environment for trucking companies in April, as the reading signals “volumes, prices and margins are likely to be in a solidly favorable range for trucking companies,” says FTR... The reading rose seven-tenths of a point to 13.8. FTR says anything above 10 is in the “solidly favorable” range for trucking... Rates will continue to increase modestly, FTR says, as freight volumes continue to grow and increased regulations restrict productivity. FTR, like other analysts, forecast that hours-of-service changes and other regulations will “take at least 3 percent out of trucking capacity” ...  Rate increases may not be as strong as they could be because of what FTR calls a “soft fuel market,” but FTR does expect an increase in base prices due to hours-of-service effects and other rulings, it says...

* DC - Amount of freight carried drops for first time in five months

Washington,DC,USA -CCJ Digital -June 12, 2013: -- The amount of freight carried by the for-hire trucking industry fell in April from March, according to data released this week by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which measures freight shipments each month with the Freight Transportation Services Index. The drop comes after five consecutive months of increases... According to the BTS numbers, shipments in April dropped 1.2 percent from the previous month, but up 1.2 percent from April 2012. The April 2013 Transportation Services Index read 112.4, representing an 18.5 percent increase from April 2009′s low in the Great Recession... That number is 2.4 percent lower than December 2011′s all-time high of 115.2... The index measures month-to-month changes in freight shipments measured in tons and ton-miles, which combine to form the index... Among all modes of transportation, trucking was the only stable one, as water, pipeline shipments and rail intermodel saw declines. BTS says that although April saw a drop, the index has consistently remained above the 2012 range for four months in a row...

* California - Accurate Mileage Calculations

Aliso Viejo,CAL,USA -Today´s Trucking -Jun 12, 2013: -- Telogis says it's setting a new transportation industry standard for mileage calculation accuracy with Telogis Miles, an extension of its comprehensive, cloud-based location intelligence platform. Telogis Miles works by generating real-time mileage that matches actual in-cab miles driven when used in conjunction with the Telogis platform. It gives fleets the ability to determine and manage against actual costs... Telogis Navigation has been an industry standard for several years. Telogis Miles allows customers to leverage what's claimed to be "the most accurate and current data" in the industry, supported by a network of nearly 110,000 drivers who provide feedback on the best truck-specific routes and other information in real time... Telogis Miles is specifically designed for back-office planners and resources associated with all types of routing calculation. It automatically takes into consideration the configuration defined by the fleet, including routing preferences and road modifiers, and exploits the full platform's flexibility in managing the entire routing process from the first mile to the last...

* Connecticut - Law covers ABCs of independent contractor status 

Hartford,CONN,USA -Land Line, by By Keith Goble -14 June 2013: -- A new law in Connecticut lawmakers changes a rule that covers the employment status of independent contractors, including owner-operators. It takes effect Oct. 1... State law now regards truck drivers who work for one motor carrier as employees. The state’s “ABC test” presumes that workers are employees unless they meet three requirements. The test for independent contractors states that workers “must be free from the employer’s control and direction; perform a service outside the employer’s usual course of business or outside of all the employer’s places of businesses; and be customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, profession, or business or the same nature as the service being performed for the employer” ... Currently, a worker can fail the test if he or she provides services for only one employer...



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