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May 11, 2013


* Ohio - Jimmy Haslam will address hundreds of trucking executives about Pilot Flying J investigation

(Photo from Wikipedia: A Pilot Travel Center branded location in Lost Hills, California)
Cleveland,OH,USA -North Ohio/The Plain Dealer, by Alison Grant -May 9, 2013: -- Jimmy Haslam, CEO of Pilot Flying J, has agreed to address trucking company executives at a conference next week about the federal probe into whether his company, Pilot Flying J, defrauded customers...  Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has agreed to address a transportation seminar in Indianapolis next week where he will answer questions put to him in advance by trucking company executives... Haslam's decision to appear comes as his company, Pilot Flying J, is in the throes of a federal investigation into claims that some of its top sales managers cheated trucking companies out of rebates they were owed on diesel fuel purchases... Jimmy Haslam has said he was unaware of the practice and has been calling hundreds of trucking companies over the past few weeks to "get it right" ... 

* Ohio - Truck stop competitor isn't seeing 'knee jerk' reaction to Pilot probe

(Photo from Wikipedia: A TA TravelCenter in Lodi, Ohio) 
Cleveland,OH,USA -KnoxVille News, by Jack Lail -May 8, 2013: -- A key truck stop competitor to Knoxville-based Pilot Flying J isn't seeing a "knee-jerk" reaction from trucking companies in the wake of the FBI raid on the Pilot headquarters in mid-April, the CEO told stock analysts Tuesday... In court documents, the FBI alleges that for years Pilot Flying J has been shortchanging some trucking companies on fuel contract rebate payments. Responding to questions from stock analysts on an earings call on Tuesday, TravelCenters of America LLC CEO Thomas O'Brien said, "While we're in tune to the potential for fallout and dust-up associated with those matters, we're not running around grave-dancing, either, because I don't think that's in our interest in the short term or the long term." ... The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the company fielded as many questions about Pilot, a privately held company that does not report financial results, as it did about its performance... O'Brien said he had no insight to what might happen regarding Pilot or what it might mean to his company. He said TravelCenters of America had not seen increased call volume from trucking companies as a result of Pilot federal investigation...

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