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May 16, 2013

* Europe - Cabotage liberalization planned for late 2014

* EU - Cabotage liberalization will not occur in 2014 

(Photo: UK High road at night) 
Brusells,Belgium -WK Transport et Logistique / The Official Carriers, by Anne Kerriou and Louis Guarino -16 May 2013: -- Siim Kallas, European Commissioner for Transport, said that the liberalization of cabotage will ultimately not by the end of his term, planned for late 2014. A coaster that satisfies employers and unions... The discret European Transport Commissioner, Siim Kallas, has formalized its backpedaling on the liberalization of cabotage in road haulage... FNTR (National Federation of Road Transport) immediately welcomed the reprieve: "In the midst of economic crisis, and in the absence of European social harmonization, liberalization of cabotage in 2014 was pure madness. It would cost France, like other European countries, thousands of jobs" recalls the employers' organization... On the employee side, the CGT has also expressed his satisfaction, speaking of a "victory for the European workforce" ...

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