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Apr 13, 2013


* Colorado - Trucking industry cries shortage while drivers say no miles 

Denver,CO,USA -The Examiner, by Allen Smith -April 2, 2013: ... The fabricated truck driver shortage makes for good news, but as the trucking organizations and news outlets continue pushing the rhetoric, few fail to listen to what is being said by the ones who know best: the drivers... One driver shared his experience and outlook of the industry by stating: "Just read your articles on 4 main reasons why drivers quit. It all applies in my case. Low pay, Not getting paid for work (namely detention pay) and home time. Like so many bad companies, they really don't care about the drivers at all. When I quit, I told my driver manager I was returning my truck to (one of their drop yards.) Anyway, they (reported) that I abandoned my truck, and of course have placed the comment on my DAC Report. I really don't see the Trucking Industry ever changing. I am finished with commercial truck driving after only 2.5 years and a perfect flawless driving record. So, the industry loses another good safe driver" ... There is and never has been a truck driver shortage, but a continual disregard at it relates to the treatment of drivers by a large scale of the industry... As one veteran driver adds: "You have got to be joking. A truck driver shortage? I've been hearing this for 30 years. There is no shortage. What you have is a shortage of pay and not enough miles. Who wants to go out for 70 hours a week, beat their bodies to death and receive a dirt paycheck for all of their work? There needs to be a major crackdown on this industry by the Department of Labor because these trucking companies do things to the drivers that you would not believe!" ... The industry keeps the truck driver shortage myth alive, while it maintains the same practices that it has for decades that continue to force good, qualified drivers out such as misleading ads, low miles, starving drivers out and of course, retaliation through the DAC report...

* Florida - Truck Driver DAC Report 

Dunnellon,FL,USA -The Truth About Trucking, by A.Allen Smith -April 2013: -- The DAC Report is to the truck driver, as the credit report is to the consumer. The DAC Report is similar in that when you apply for a job as a truck driver the first thing the prospective trucking company will check is your DAC. If there are any negative entries, you could have a very difficult time finding employment... Your report consists of two parts: the first is your MVR, and the second is your work record, which is what your former employers have reported... The United States Investigation Services, (USIS), was an information and security services company serving human resources, insurance, government agencies, and National Security markets. The DAC Services were the driving force behind USIS. It had provided background screening products to service the transportation industry for 25 years. DAC stands for "Drive-A-Check". However, it also became the ultimate truck driver nightmare. It is widely known that trucking companies very often report false claims to truck drivers DAC Reports... Clearly, trucking companies who place false accusations on truck drivers DAC Reports are in direct violation of the law. In fact, DAC itself is in violation of the law. DAC breaks the law by allowing knowingly false information to remain on the dac report. But since there is big money floating around between the trucking companies and DAC, the average, hard working truck driver is up against incredible odds... Until truck drivers stand up for their rights, DAC Services and trucking companies will continue this abuse...

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