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Apr 27, 2013


* Analysis: You can't talk freight efficiency without good roads and bridges

Washington,DC,USA -Land Line, by David Tanner -26 April 2013: ... The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation heard from large shippers, carriers and ports on that and other topics during its first hearing Wednesday, April 24, on Capitol Hill... One thing is clear to everyone in the chain, and that is without improvements to infrastructure, those who move freight will continue to face congestion, deficient bridges and other challenges... A recent report by the U.S. Congressional Budget Office says the Highway Trust Fund, which funds roads, bridges and transit as well as federal transportation and safety programs from fuel taxes and other user fees, faces a $100 billion deficit over the next decade due to increased costs and a tapering off of receipts... Infrastructure issues will not be going away anytime soon... The Government Accountability Office says the average motorist driving a sedan currently pays about $95 into the Highway Trust Fund from the 18.4 cent gas tax... On the other hand, a trucker that buys 20,000 gallons of fuel a year pays $4,880 in diesel taxes... That trucker also pays a $550 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax each year. If that trucker buys 12 tires, that’s another $340 in tire taxes. The purchase of a new truck could put another $14,400 into the Highway Trust Fund due to the 12 percent excise tax on heavy equipment. A new van trailer might contribute another $3,000 into the fund due to the excise tax... Truck tolls and taxes are already funding things other than highways, bridges and transit, especially at the state level...



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