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Mar 10, 2013

When Autonomous Cars Collide ... Who's At Fault? * USA

* Vaccines... (??) Could Provide An Answer 

(Photo: The founders of Google and one of their autonomous Toyota Prius hybrids)
-The Car Connection, by Richard Read -Mar 8, 2013: ... In the mid-1980s, British researchers issued a study that potentially linked the diphtheria–pertussis–tetanus (DPT) vaccine to neurological damage in children. Although the study was later discredited, parents around the world panicked. Here in the U.S., several sued the manufacturers of DPT vaccines and won sizable settlements... Not surprisingly, those manufacturers became worried, threatening to scale back research and development efforts. In turn, health officials began fretting about preventable diseases spiraling out of control... In response, the U.S. Congress launched the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in 1988. According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine: "The funding for paying successful claims regarding vaccines administered before 1988 came from the U.S. Treasury. For claims regarding later vaccinations, funding comes from a patient fee of 75 cents per vaccination. The VICP trust fund currently contains more than $2 billion" ... That's an interesting model. On the autonomous car front, buyers could pay a fee (presumably more than 75 cents) that would go toward a fund, which would pay damages to persons involved in accidents in which autonomous vehicles were at fault...



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