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Mar 7, 2013


* France - Crisis of the automobile carriers try to adapt

(Photo: STVA tries to be present on the largest possible number of international markets) 
Paris,France -Transport et Logistique/The Official Carriers, by Slimane Boukezzoula -6 March 2013: -- Plummeting sales of new cars in France has hit sub-contractors in this sector. Specialized hauliers try, them, to face playing the card of diversification... Exercise is not easy. In view of the trend analysis in the automotive market, the French carriers in this market will however need to be very reactive... It is time for the expansion of activities and diversification opportunities. This is the bias by big makers like STVA. It knows it can count on the strength of its European network (44 centers) to offer new opportunities... 

* France - Repayment TICPE: Continued mobilization against the government

Paris,France -The Official Carriers, by L. Guarino and A. Madjarian -1 March 2013: -- If the Ministry of Budget admits a lack of information on any repayment TICPE carriers, he refused so far to backtrack...  The circular of February 7, 2013 the Customs Administration has drafted largely secretive, remained in the craw of the entire profession... Professional organizations are mobilized... On 12 February, the OTRE took the Prime Minister to cancel this Circular and asked, region, hearings prefects for them to receive delegations from carriers... But the case is not closed for all, says the organization, which encrypts the shortfall of 94 million euros in total (91.8 million according to the Ministry). It is requested that sought a form of acceptable compensation by Brussels. If not, the organization does not preclude the possibility of a lawsuit, saying that "the retroactivity of this measure is questionable" ...



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