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Mar 20, 2013

SAVING OVER 100,000 gals. PER YEAR * USA

* Utah - C.R. England orders aerodynamic wheel covers

West Valley City,UT,USA -Fleet Owner -Mar. 15, 2013: -- Refrigerated carrier C.R. England has placed an order for Deflecktor Aero Wheel Covers to fit onto company-owned trucks. The order is for enough wheel covers to outfit 1,000 vehicles, A de F, maker of the devices, said... The Deflecktor’s design utilizes fabric and results in complete installation in seconds and instantaneous access for inspection, the company said... C.R. England’s deployment will result in fuel savings of over 100,000 gals. per year, A de F said...

* Arkansas - Aerosmart trailer skirt certified by SmartWay 

Springdale,AR,USA -Fleet Owner -Mar. 15, 2013: -- A trailer skirt made from recycled materials and built exclusively by military veterans has received certification from the EPA’s SmartWay program as a product that shows a verifiable improvement in fuel efficiency... The Aerosmart trailer skirt from Sustainable Aerodynamic Concepts is manufactured in Northwest Arkansas. The skirt is made with materials reclaimed from scrap semi trailers. The lightweight, durable and cost-effective repurposed aluminum comes from donated, decommissions semi-trailers saving material costs which are passed on to the consumer, the company said...



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