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Mar 20, 2013


* Germany - Euro VI-compliant Mercedes-Benz Atego Truck makes debut

(Photo: The new Atego truck, introduced by MB executives)
Stuttgart,Germany -Benz Insider(PR), by Ryan Joseph Ramos -March 13, 2013: -- There’s a full nine months before the Euro VI emissions standards are imposed in Europe...  This marks the conclusion of Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ initiative to get Euro VI-compliant trucks out into the market. With its new Medium Duty Engine Generation platform and Blue Efficiency Power technology, the Atego achieves total compliance with Euro VI regulations...  The platform comes with SCR systems, diesel particulate filters, and exhaust gas recirculation. Aside from that tech, there’s also a freshly engineered interior for the trucks as well as an ESP system and automated transmissions... In order to reduce ownership costs, this new Atego now makes use of SCR-based BlueTec engines for added reduction of diesel consumption...  Mercedes-Benz Trucks also made it a point to develop the new Atego so that it won’t have to be serviced as much compared to its competitors...

* Sweden - Scania, Siemens partner for roof-connected electric trucks

(Photo: The roof-connected electric trucks)
Södertälje,Sweden -Autoblog Green, by Danny King -Mar 17, 2013: ... Sweden-based Scania and German company Siemens are partnering on a similar technology that would be used by commercial trucks on Sweden's highways...   The companies aren't releasing a ton of detail on the subject, only saying that the trucks will have pantographs (i.e., those roof-mounted things) that will let trucks be powered by electricity through nearby wires. That means far less diesel being belched on Sweden's roads...

* USA / California - New options revealed for Fuso Canter model

CAL,USA -Fleet Owner -Mar. 18, 2013: -- Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America (MFTA) showed off its new 2014 model year Canter FE and FG Series commercial medium-duty trucks at the NTEA's 2103 Work Truck Show earlier this month, featuring a range of new options including: a Bluetooth radio; a longer, 169.3-in. wheelbase for the Class 3 Canter FE 125; and a side-mounted fuel tank. Also, all Canter models are expected to be in compliance with the EPA’s new GHG rules by April 2013, a full two years ahead of the regulatory compliance mandate, the OEM said...

  * Holland - DAF reveals Euro-6 LF and CF engine details

Eindhoven,Netherlands -Commercial Motor (UK), by David Wilcox -18 March 2013: -- Ahead of unveiling its revised LF and CF ranges at next month’s CV Show, Daf Trucks has confirmed the details of the Euro-6 engines that will power them... While most CF tractors and multiwheel rigids will use the brand new 10.8-litre MX-11 engine, LF models and the lighter CF rigid chassis will continue to be powered by Cummins-supplied ISB four- and six-cylinder common-rail engines... As usual, these are rebadged for use in Dafs, with the new four-cylinder, 4.5-litre ISB becoming a Paccar PX-5, replacing the Euro-5 Paccar FR. The six-cylinder, 6.7-litre ISB in Dafs is dubbed the Paccar PX-7, replacing the Euro-5 Paccar GR...

* USA / Illinois - International Truck offering rebate program

Warrensville,ILL,USA -Fleet Owner -Mar. 18, 2013: -- Small fleets and owner-operators are being offered up to $1,500 per truck in rebates from International Truck. To take advantage of the program, the purchaser must be a member of LandStar, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Assn., or Truckers B2B... Depending on the program, members may receive the rebate directly or in the form of a prepaid debit card that can be used at more than 700 dealer locations across the country for parts and service purchases, International said... Program members may redeem the rebates on up to five International trucks. Eligible trucks include the ProStar+, the LoneStar, and the 9900i...

* India - Piaggio plans fresh push in LCV market with new launches

Mumbai,India -domainb -13 March 2013: -- Piaggio Vehicles India, the local arm of the Italian two-wheeler and LCV company, plans a renewed bid to penetrate into the Indian light commercial vehicle market with its global range of Porter mini trucks that will replace existing models. Piaggio currently sells the Ape Mini in the 0.5-tonne category and the Ape Truck Plus in the 1-tonne category, but neither has made a dent in the market. Now in one or two months, its upgraded products will replace these models. The Porter 600, a 0.5-tonne micro truck, and the Porter 1000, a 0.75-tonne mini truck, are likely to be launched in the next one month... The company also plans to introduce a 1.5-tonne truck based on the Porter platform...

 * France - Renault Trucks will expand its funding opportunities

Paris,France -The Official Carriers, by Benoit Barbedette -21 March 2013: -- Renault Trucks leaders are willing to push the financing of their airline customers via Renault Trucks Financial Services. In the construction industry, monthly payments can adapt to changes in seasonal activity... The banks are cautious or frowning with carriers? In this context, Renault Trucks, by its chairman Bruno Blin, has announced plans to "support its customers through financing" ...  Penetration of the captive, Renault Trucks Financial Services, has reached 23% of vehicles sold in 2012, up sharply from 18% in 2011...



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