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Mar 25, 2013

SEXY NEW SPORTS CAR: Detroit Electric's first product * WORLDWIDE

* USA / Michigan - As Detroit Struggles, a New Auto Emerges 

Detroit,MICH,USA -The Motley Fool, by Sara E. Murphy -March 23, 2013: ... Detroit Electric's first product to market will be a limited-edition, two-seater sports car that will cost "in the neighborhood" of $135,000. That sounds a lot like Tesla's now-discontinued Roadster!... But the similarities don't end there. Detroit Electric will use Lotus platforms for at least its first two vehicles... So on the face of things, it looks as though Tesla's dominance of the high-end EV market may have just come under serious threat... While Detroit Electric is starting with a sexy new sports car, it plans to offer a "diverse family of all-electric production cars," which seems to suggest that the company won't confine itself to the expensive top of the pyramid. EVs' success will live and die on the development of a battery-charging infrastructure to support them, and such development will be spurred only by broad adoption of EVs. Investors may be betting that high-end purveyors like Tesla Motors Inc will be buoyed by Detroit Electric's potential offering of more affordable vehicles...

* USA / DC - Could cut vehicles' fossil fuel use, emissions by 80% by 2050

(Photo from Mercedes: The Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL is the first hydrogen-electric vehicle the German manufacturer is making available to individuals)
Washington,DC,USA -Highway 1, by Ronald D. White -March 19, 2013: -- A new National Research Council report says the U.S. may be able to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 in light-duty cars and trucks... The highly ambitious goal could be reached, the report says, through a combination of more efficient vehicles and the use of gasoline and diesel alternatives such as bio-fuels, electricity and hydrogen... The Research Council is discussing a reduction on an entirely more dramatic scale. It's the kind of scale that would require the rough equivalent of taking President Obama's goal of 54.5 miles per gallon for the U.S. vehicle fleet by 2025 and then doing the same increase again, and again... The Research Council said that part of the solution would be improvements on several good starts, such as the Toyota Prius hybrid; plug-in hybrid electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Volt; and battery-powered electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf... Also required would be advancements in technologies such as those used in hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles, like the Mercedes F-Cell, scheduled to be introduced about 2014; and in compressed natural gas vehicles, such as the Honda Civic CNG... 

* India - Mahindra‚Äôs e2o EV is ready. The electric car has been launched with much fanfare, though its viability in the domestic market remains questionable 

New Delhi,India -Hybrid EV -21 March 2013: -- Earlier this week, Mahindra and Mahindra launched the e2o electric vehicle at an event in New Delhi. The e2o is the flagship product of Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicles, a company formed after Mahindra acquired REVA, a Bangalore (Karnataka) based niche electric car company, in 2010... The vehicle is launched at an on-road price of INR5,96,000 in Delhi, according to Mahindra... The top model has a few extra features including an in-built infotainment system and reverse camera, along with standard equipment including power windows, AC, wheel caps and defogger... Mahindra e2o may well be the cheapest of all the commercial electric cars sold world over, but over INR6,00,000 for a vehicle that charges overnight and travels only 100km may not sound attractive to most... Mahindra also plans to begin exporting e2o to the European market later this year... Mahindra could follow suit with the e2o even as its prospects in the home ground remain doubtful...



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