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Feb 7, 2013


* Sweden - Volvo Sees Europe Market Recovery as Trucks Introduced

(Image by Jochen Eckel/Bloomberg: Volvo which ranks second to Daimler AG in global truck sales, predicted that the European truck market will expand 4.1 percent this year to 230,000 vehicles)
Gothenburg,Sweden -Bloomberg, by Dorothee Tschampa -Feb 6, 2013: -- Volvo AB, the world’s second-largest truckmaker, said U.S. and European commercial-vehicle markets will probably recover this year as global economic growth rebounds... The manufacturer’s Renault Trucks brand will bring out new models in mid-2013, building on the introduction of Volvo’s FH lineup last year, amid a “gradually” improving industry, Chief Executive Officer Olof Persson said today at a press conference...  Volvo, which ranks second to Daimler AG in global truck sales, predicted that the European truck market will expand 4.1 percent this year to 230,000 vehicles. Industrywide sales in the region fell in 2012 as the economy of the 17 nations sharing the euro went into recession in the third quarter... The truckmaker posted an 84 percent drop in fourth- quarter operating profit because of falling deliveries and spending on a reorganization that included job cuts...

* Russia - Unmanned, Electric Trucks to Revolutionize KamAZ Product Line 

(Photo: A winner Kamaz truck on Dakar Rally 2013 from Nazca to Arequipa on January 8, 2013)
Moscow,Russia -The Moscow Times -6 February 2013: -- Russia's largest truck manufacturer, KamAZ, said Wednesday that it plans to develop an unmanned vehicle and a truck that would run on electricity in an effort to upgrade its product line... A spokesman for the company, Oleg Afanasyev, told Interfax that it is working on a plan to build an electric vehicle and looking at various options for its implementation... KamAZ is also developing an unmanned ground vehicle, a remote-control truck that can be used in areas harmful to humans... In 2012, the company certified Russia's first electric bus, designed to run for at least 200 kilometers per battery charge. It is powered by a lithium-iron-phosphate battery with a capacity 313.6 kilowatts per hour and equipped with a charger with a capacity of 48 kilowatts... KamAZ is Russia's largest manufacturer of trucks. Daimler and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development jointly own 15 percent of its shares. Rostekhnologii and Troika Dialog are also among its shareholders...

* Europe - Trucks sales slip ahead of Euro 6 

Brussels,Belgium -Irish Trucker -7 February 2013: -- Truck registrations fell 19.6 per cent to 2,882 units in January, according to the Society of Motor manufacturers and Traders. Even so, they were still 2.1 per cent up for the rolling 12 months... Vans fared better with registrations rising 11.9 per cent to 16,049 units in January...



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