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Feb 28, 2013


* Ontario/Canada - Trucking success with natural gas may depend on fuel pricing

Toronto,ONT,CAN -Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr -Feb. 27, 2013: -- If the cost of natural gas remains cheap due to the ongoing “boom” in U.S. shale gas production, the trucking industry may very begin favoring it over diesel, according to recent analysis conducted by global bank RBC Capital Markets. However, if natural gas exportation drives up fuels costs, it may slow down any such changeover process, the firm noted... John Barnes, RBC’s transport and logistics analyst, told that if the natural gas refueling infrastructure is developed – and efforts are already underway – and the industry decides on a common standard for natural gas powered engines, especially for heavy-duty Class 8 truck purposes, then it is likely to become more prevalent. Yet that also depends heavy on the eventual price for natural gas compared to diesel, he said...

* UK - Truck fleet in Swindon running on household waste

(Photo: Planning permission for a biomethane gas filling station has been approved)
Swindon,Wiltshire,EN,UK -BBC News -27 February 2013: -- Rotting household material is being used to fuel a fleet of lorries at a distribution centre in Swindon... The B and Q depot, in South Marston, is running 50 dual fuel lorries on biomethane gas from composted waste... The natural waste gas is produced at a landfill site in Surrey and purified for use as fuel... The alternative fuel, made up of liquid biomethane and liquefied natural gas, is designed to reduce carbon emissions... The cost of converting a lorry is around £25,000 but with the cheaper eco-fuel, the investment could be recouped within two to three years...



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