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Jan 25, 2013


* France - Eurotunnel swing record traffic for shuttle trucks in 2012

(Eurotunnel had never carried many trucks in 2012)
Paris, France -WK Transport Logistique, by Anne Kerriou -24 Jan 2013: -- Unlike the traffic of freight trains which assumes the Eurotunnel truck shuttle traffic jumped 16% in 2012. It touches 1.5 million vehicles, beating a record. Subsidiary Europorte also kept its promises... The economic crisis is not over, competition remains intense in the Channel market, but Eurotunnel is doing well. This is essentially the message of the group management. The total turnover was in fact increased by 14% in 2012, reaching 993.1 million euros... The shuttle activity generates nearly half of its revenues (478.1 M €, an increase of 16%)... The year 2012 was particularly dynamic for shuttle trucks. The number of trucks transported increased by 16%, amounting to 1,464,880 vehicles... According to Eurotunnel, the Channel truck market has been "a year of recovery (+2.5%)," while the remaining 10% below the 2007 level...

* France - Transport of live animals should not last more than 8 hours by the European Parliament

(The number of pigs has increased by 70% between 2005 and 2009) 
Strasbourg,France -WK Transport et Logistique, by Louis Guarino -18 Jan 2013: -- MEPs passed a resolution supported by the animal welfare lobby to limit the duration of the transport of live animals. The question of European harmonization remains raised... This is a resolution that passed almost unnoticed in Strasbourg but that should be talked about in the coming months... The European Commission should submit a report to MEPs to revise regulations on the protection of animals during transport...

* France - Deret group continues to build on its fleet of electric trucks

(Electric vehicles are also used as advertising media) 
Paris,France -WK Transport et Logistique -23 Jan 2013: -- Deret continues to expand its fleet of electric trucks and put on deliveries in town. After an experience in Nantes for teaching Weldom, it will test the early 2013 Maxity electric 4.5t to Paris... The group operates Deret the first fleet of electric trucks in France, with 52 service vehicles (Modec 5.5 t GVW and Smith 10 t and 12 t) for deliveries in the city center... The lack of noise makes the difference Deret announces operating cost of the fleet from 15% to 20% higher than it would be if the vehicles were heat (with a recharge of 24 hours per week at a minimum, to a maximum range of 128 km observed). The group will, in early 2013, test the electrical Maxity 4.5 t (designed with PVI) in Paris...



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