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Jan 4, 2013


* Canada / US - Safety ratings: Reciprocity cuts both ways

Toronto,ONT,Canada -Truck News, by David Bradley -1 Dec 2012: ... Transport Canada and the US DoT signed a Memorandum of Understanding that each country would be responsible for monitoring a motor carrier’s compliance and safety performance in the carrier’s home jurisdiction... The MOU also obliged both countries to endeavour to establish mutually compatible safety rating and audit programs... Under the agreement, a Canadian carrier who operates throughout Canada and the US would have its safety performance activity (collisions, inspections and convictions) in both countries collected, calculated and monitored by its home province... Under that scenario, a carrier would no longer need both a provincial and an FMCSA profile, or be subject to both provincial and FMCSA compliance reviews. The administrative burden on both government and the industry would be reduced. Safety rating reciprocity was even identified as a deliverable under the Security and Prosperity Partnership initiative... Work continued and in 2008 the FMCSA and CCMTA agreed in principle to reciprocally recognize each other’s safety ratings...

* DC - NHTSA: Data recorders 'essential' to auto safety

(Photo: Black boxes for cars and trucks) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Detroit News, by David Shepardson -19 Dec 2012: -- The Obama administration's top auto safety regulator said automotive black boxes are essential to auto safety and said the government will protect motorists' privacy... In a interview, National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator, David Strickland, said he also opposed on/off switches that could allow motorists to turn off event data recorders, saying it would be a "horrible thing for safety" ... Earlier this month, NHTSA proposed requiring all vehicles built after September 2014 to have event data recorders that capture information before and after a crash... NHTSA estimates that approximately 96 percent of 2013 cars and light-duty vehicles are already equipped with data recorder capability, and at least 91 percent have the devices... A crash or air bag deployment typically triggers the data recorder, which collects data in the seconds before and during impact...

* Canada - Reflect on these handy tips to improve your visibility

(Photo: Convex Mirrors Required on Trucks, Next Best Thing to Truck Back Up Camera) 
Toronto,ONT,Canada -Truck News, by Albert Zimbalatti -20 Dec 2012: -- As important as the view through a windshield may be, the threats beside and behind a truck can hardly be ignored. About one-third of all the collisions reported to Northbridge Insurance involve situations like sideswiping a vehicle or backing into a stationary object... A clear view – whether it is supported by unobstructed side windows or reflections in the West Coast mirrors – can help drivers to defend themselves from these threats... Surprisingly, many mirrors tend to be improperly adjusted, leaving the reflective surfaces filled with a view of a trailer’s side panels rather than helping to spot hazards next to the truck... A properly adjusted fender mirror will display an area from the centre of the steer tire to the middle of the drive axles... A career in trucking offers a moving office with a view. Steps like these give drivers the chance to soak it all in...

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