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Jan 30, 2013


* NSW - Study: Is roadside advertising a distraction ?

Sydney,NSW,Australia -Austroads (PR) -January 2013: -- Glancing away from the road to look at an advertisement for more than two seconds can double your risk of accident, according to a new report [PDF] released this week by Austroads, the association of Australian and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities... However, roadside advertising can also help to keep drivers alert on long journeys... The report assesses the distraction risk posed by roadside advertising. It’s estimated that 30 per cent of all crashes involve driver distraction, with almost a third of these cases caused by a distraction from outside the vehicle... The Austroads report included a series of guidelines to minimise dangerous distractions caused by roadside advertising... The guidelines include positioning advertisements so they do not draw road users' eyes away from the road and avoiding digital displays that give the impression of movement...



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