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Jan 29, 2013


* Japan - Toyota reclaims No. 1 spot from GM

(YOSHIKAZU TSUNO for AFP/Getty Images: Customers walking past vehicles at a Toyota showroom in Tokyo)
Nagoya,Aichi,Japan -The Detroit News (USA), by Christine Tierney -January 28, 2013: -- Toyota Motor Corp. regained the No. 1 ranking, displacing General Motors Co., after selling a record number of 9.75 million vehicles worldwide for 2012... Sales of vehicles under Toyota's Hino, Daihatsu, Lexus, Toyota and Scion brands were up 22.6 percent over the previous year, the automaker said Monday... Japan's second- and third-largest automakers also broke sales record as the industry recovered from a spate of natural disasters and other setbacks... Nissan Motor Co.'s global sales rose 5.8 percent to 4.94 million vehicles, while Honda Motor Co.'s sales surged 19 percent to 3.82 million vehicles...

* Europe -  Opel, Peugeot most vulnerable as financial reckoning looms

(Photo from Opel-Vauxhall: The new Opel-Vauxhall Mokka small SUV, which was launched in Europe last year, is a version of the Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax) 
Europe -The Detroit News (USA), by Neil Winton -January 26, 2013: -- Spare a thought for the Europeans as exuberance, rational or not, returns to America's automotive business... The unhealthy state of the industry seeds rumors and fevered theorizing, including the idea that VW will buy Alfa Romeo and Ferrari from Fiat, GM finally loses patience with Opel-Vauxhall, and Renault of France somehow merges with compatriot Peugeot-Citroen... Even if sales in Western Europe level out later this year, many experts see the pain continuing for the foreseeable future...



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