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Nov 26, 2012


* California - Shilling in the Trucking Industry

Sacramento,CAL,USA -Truckers Report, by Mack Way -23 Nov 2012: -- The single greatest asset the modern trucking company has may very well be the shill. Without the shill, the poverty wage, homeless truck driver would realize he/she is being badly abused by the company and force some positive changes like living wages, equitable work rules, tolerable working conditions and not failing to mention the elimination of ‘bullying - intimidation’ tactics while at work... Shills often have poor safety and customer service records. Many reported that shills working for their employer have more than their share of vehicular accidents, many involving large $$$ pay outs. When confronted, the shill will typically respond with ‘I’m a producer’ or ‘the company can’t do without me’ or something similar. Many report that had anyone else experienced even a fraction of the vehicle accidents or customer service complaints they would have been shown the door long ago... No doubt that shills are the worst (or best?) kept secret of the trucking industry. However, there is a ‘wall of silence’ about the origins and training these people receive. Thinking it must pay pretty well as these people continually boast about their ‘above average’ earnings, always well above the typical line employee if true...

* California - Trucking Industry Blames Driver Shortage of Truck Drivers on Safety Regulations

Los Angeles,CAL,USA -Robert Reeves Law -November 20, 2012: -- The trucking industry is poised to face a massive shortage of truck drivers over the next few years. The industry, not surprisingly, is blaming a number of factors for this shortfall, including more stringent trucking safety regulations that are now in place, and a number of soon-to-be implemented dramatic rule changes, like revised hours of service. The industry insists that these changes are driving away truck drivers, leading to the shortfall... Trucking companies as well as trucking accident attorneys agree on one fact – there is a severe shortfall of truck drivers in the United States... Part of the reason why not too many young men are interested in being truck drivers is that the job has lost much of its appeal. Everyone knows now that long-haul truckers have long and stressful jobs that require them to work alone for long periods of time, and stay away from home for weeks at an end. Staying away for such long periods of time wreaks havoc on your family lives, and this is part of the reason why these jobs have lost their lure. Trucking jobs can play well, but once you take away taxes and account for the fact that you may not have much of a work-life balance, the salary seems to lose its glitz as well...

* USA - Important Facts About Freight Trucking Companies And Container Trucking. CDL jobs will always need drivers or probably America will Stop

  (Video from YouTube, by lifeasatrucker - 13 June 2010: Just trucking. Only went through 3 open scales during road check this year. Got checked out once, it was all good)
Indiana,USA -Donanakdapi199 -18 Nov 2012: -- It is primary for the driver and trailers to be licensed for one place they are going that can transport goods. Be prepared to back up wards your statements with proof in order to do so. Or, maybe the carrier never were around to doing anything although the safety auditor didn’t try a very thorough job. Right from the exact transportation of seeds, fertilizers to required machinery for agriculture, you can the transportation of final options and by-products of agriculture, trucking companies help farmers and other humans associated with agriculture based corporations or small industries... Great need of Trucks for Industries – Every day industry needs raw materials then fuels to keep their processes smooth. It is usually a job that is escorted with regulations making it a meaningful bit similar to how agency submit reports or how consultants compute tax amounts to do with tax documents and returns. The best methods for overcoming challenges in regards to a trucking companies career include patience, expectations and dedication...

* Tennessee - Trucking Industry Gearing Up For Strong Holiday Jobs 

Murfreesboro,TENN,USA -TDI Webmaster -November 19, 2012: -- Increases in cargo volume throughout the next few months for the holiday season are an opportunity for an additional increase in trucking jobs... The holiday season it's an special opportunity for new truck drivers to obtain truck driving jobs. While many truck driving schools can take months to complete, in recognition of the holiday season opportunity there are some who offers accelerated truck driving training programs... Truck carriers responsible for transporting increased goods throughout the fall months and the holiday season are recruiting truck drivers now...

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