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Feb 5, 2012


* Washington - Hundreds of truck drivers walk off job at Port of Seattle

Seattle,WASH,USA -KING 5 News, by CHRIS INGALLS -February 3, 2012: -- Hundreds of truck drivers at the Port of Seattle have walked off the job and lawmakers are deciding if they need to take action... There are many complex issues in play, including drivers who claim they are forced to carry overweight loads. If a shipper can put more cargo in a container and move it for the same price, they make more money. Drivers say it happens all the time... Truck inspections conducted the day after that testimony tell a different story. The KING 5 Investigators requested port inspection records from the Washington State Patrol and Seattle Police. They show of 15 trucks inspected that day; four drivers were written tickets and three received warnings for being overweight...   Drivers say its unfair that they pay fines for equipment that isn't theirs. Typically, the container belongs to the shipper, the chassis that it sits on is owned by a trailer company and the drivers are the owners and operators of the truck...



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