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Jul 31, 2010

POLICIES * UK - DfT 'committed' to lorry road user charge

London,EN,UK -Road Transport, by Christopher Walton -27 July 2010: -- The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed it has a "commitment" to introduce a lorry road user charge during its current term and it will be the only scheme where businesses or motorists pay to use existing UK roads... Speaking at the first meeting (26 July) of the Transport Committee since the election Philip Hammond, secretary of state for transport, said: "The coalition government has ruled out the notion of national road user charging other than for HGVs, where we have a commitment for a lorry road user charge for existing road infrastructure"... However, he did say that there was the potential for new toll roads to be built in the UK, if they could justify a cost-benefit analysis, but he did say that there was a need to support investment in the UK's transport infrastructure...


Driverless vehicles * Italy - Headed from Serbia to China

Belgrade,Serbia -AP by Ben Coxworth -July 29, 2010: -- As of July 29th, two electric vans embarked from Belgrade, Serbia on a three-month road trip to Shanghai, China. Along the way, they will have to manage stop-and-go city traffic, extremes in weather, and even some stretches of off-road driving. All this would be a great test for their electric drive system, but the researchers from Italy’s VisLab put this expedition together mainly to test something else: their driverless vehicle technology. While each of the vans in the VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge (VIAC) will have passengers in the back seats, ready to take control if necessary, they will normally have no one at the steering wheel...
VisLab’s autonomous driving system incorporates stereo cameras, laser scanners, a 180-degree panoramic vision system, computers and actuators, all of which are powered by roof-mounted solar panels. The idea is that the system could be added to any existing vehicle, as opposed to only being available in purpose-built vehicles. As the trip progresses, all the data from all the sensors will be dumped into a database. This will allow the researchers to replay parts of the trip as desired, so they can refine existing algorithms or develop new ones. Functions that the team hopes to test will include vehicle, lane, pedestrian, obstacle and ditch detection, along with terrain mapping and slope estimation...


Truck Drivers Strike * Greece - Truckers Ignore Government Order to Resume work

Athens,Greece -New Tang Dinasty Television (USA) -30 July 2010: -- Greek truck drivers rallied outside the Transport Ministry on Thursday to protest against a government decision to force them back to work... Wednesday night, the Greek government ordered the mobilization of striking truck drivers, as fuel shortages were starting to affect the country... Government spokesman, George Petalotis, says the strike is causing serious disruption of public and economic life, and is endangering public health with a lack of sufficient fuel, food and medicine... Thousands of truckers have been lining highways since Monday... The truckers are protesting against plans to open up their sector... It’s a key reform required in a multi-billion euro EU/IMF package aimed at pulling Greece out of a debt crisis... The truck drivers now have 24 hours to return to work. If they don't, they face arrest and risk losing their licenses, but unionists say they will ignore the order... Striking truck drivers have caused major fuel shortages in the past and gas station owners say it will be no different this time...

* Greece -
Protests over deregulation spur fears of fuel shortages

Athens,Greece -The Journal of Commerce Online, by William B. Cassidy -Jul 26, 2010: -- Truckers in Greece are striking over a plan to introduce new trucking licenses... Greece must open “closed” industries such as trucking to competition under its $143 billion loan deal with the European Union and International Monetary Fund... Greek truckers are concerned that their operating licenses, worth as much as $250,000 or more, according to reports, would be devalued following deregulation... Thousands of truckers parked their rigs Monday, according to Reuters, leading to fears of fuel and food shortages, especially in the nation’s islands, and disruptions in trade...


* Germany - Daimler talking to Kamaz on Russia van production. Sees decision by year end.

Stuttgart,Germany -Reuters -Jul 28, 2010: -- German carmaker Daimler is in talks with Russia's Kamaz and other companies about possibly making vans in the country, the head of the German carmaker's Mercedes-Benz van unit said on Wednesday... A decision is expected to be made by end of this year, Volker Mornhinweg said. "We are in talks with possible partners," he said, adding one of them is Kamaz, which is already a Daimler partner on making and selling trucks in Russia... The market volume for mid-size and big vans was around 87,000 units in 2009 and the volume could reach 300,000 units in in 2020, he said... He said the operating margin target for the van unit was 9 percent from 2013... He said Daimler would like to continue its van partnership with Volkswagen despite the partnership Daimler is setting up with Renault... (Photo from A Sprinter Mercedes-Benz's van)

* Malaysia - Volvo Launches Fuelwatch Campaign To Help Hauliers Save Fuel

Kuala Lampur,Malaysia -Bernama -July 28, 2010: -- Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd has launched a campaign called "Fuelwatch 2010" as part of its ongoing efforts to help hauliers reduce operational costs through proper driving practices to save fuel... The company said the campaign consists of Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch Driver's competition, seminars for customers and parts and services offers... A total of 400 drivers are expected to participate from throughout the country and 25 of them will be selected to compete in the final round to be held in Shah Alam in September... The winner will receive RM5,000 in saving certificates while the company owner will get Volvo genuine parts voucher worth RM10,000.

* USA - Ambiente aims at international electric truck business

Ashland,ORE,USA -Sustainable Business Oregon, by Lee van der Voo -July 26, 2010: -- Barefoot Motors founder and former CEO Melissa Brandao, has put down stakes in Ashland, Ore., where her second electric-vehicle venture, Ambiente Motors, is targeting a market thousands of miles away... Those trucks aren’t destined for Oregon roadways. Instead, the trucks are geared toward utility and commercial customers at 30 logistics companies in Brazil, 10 of those American companies including FedEx, DHL and UPS... Brandao edged into the electric vehicle business at ZAP, an electric scooter and car distributor, and became the first female founder of an electric vehicle company when she launched Barefoot Motors, which builds electric utility vehicles, in California in 2007...


STUDY * USA - Forecasts electric truck growth by weight classes

New York,NY,USA -Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr -Jul 26, 2010: -- Light-duty electric vehicles (EV) offer the best opportunity for near-term growth within the U.S. commercial fleet sector, according to a new study by research firm Frost & Sullivan, because of all EV models, they offer the best fit in terms of life cycle cost and operational capability... However, Frost & Sullivan also found that the opportunity for medium-duty EVs may expand over time if life cycle costs decline, their mileage range expands, and a national recharging infrastructure begins to take shape... According to the firm’s EV study, “Strategic Analysis of the North American and European Electric Truck, Van and Bus Markets,” by 2016, some 64,817 Class 2-3 light-duty EVs should be sold, in North America predominantly (3.5 tons or less GVW) configured as parcel delivery vans, small shuttle buses, etc... By contrast, only 26,635 medium-duty EVs (between 3.5 and 16 tons GVW) and 565 heavy-duty EVs (16 ton GVW or greater) are expected to be built and sold that same year... (Photo from dvice: A Smith Newton electric truck)


Jul 29, 2010

CLEAN TRUCKS * USA - A Bill Lands in House

Nadler pushes to amend federal pre-emption law

Washington,DC,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by Bill Mongelluzzo -Jul 29, 2010: -- Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., on Thursday introduced a bill that would enhance the ability of ports to enact clean-air programs, while opening the door to unionization of harbor truck drivers... Nadler, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said his Clean Ports Act of 2010 would amend the Federal Motor Carrier Act to allow ports to enact and enforce clean-trucks programs “above the current federal requirements”... The legislation has galvanized dozens of environmental, community, labor, transportation and shipper organizations to flood Congress with statements either in support of or against the bill...


Jul 28, 2010


Briefing Weekly News

(Photo from JOC)

from Freight Forwarding

* K+N still seeing high growth and high costs
- The latest half-yearly results from global forwarder and logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel presented a rather mixed picture. Read Full Brief Here

* K+N reports accelerating business growth
- Global forwarder Kuehne + Nagel July 19 reported that during the first half of this year, its volume development exceeded the market average in all business units. Read Full News Here

* Saudi Arabia looks to invest $100bn in transport and logistics
- Saudi Arabia is targeting $100bn of investment over the next decade in a push to make the kingdom one of the world’s leading transport and logistics hubs by 2020. Read Full News Here

* DHL Global Forwarding sharpens focus on Africa
- DHL this week announced that its Global Forwarding division is to invest further in the African region. Read Full News Here

from Contract Logistics

* CEVA to manage new EDC for Janssen Pharmaceutica
- CEVA Logistics has been selected to manage the principal European Distribution Centre (EDC) for Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, at La Louvière in Belgium. Read Full News Here

* Norbert Dentressangle wins contract from UK ice manufacturer
- Norbert Dentressangle has been appointed to provide a frozen storage and distribution service for fast-growing ice manufacturer, Ultra Ice (UK). Read Full News Here

* DSC Logistics named LLP for leading US seafood supplier
- DSC Logistics has been named lead logistics partner (LLP) for StarKist Co, a leading producer, distributor and marketer of shelf-stable seafood products in the US. Read Full News Here

* P&O Ferrymasters lands €20m lead logistics deal
- European logistics and supply chain solutions specialist P&O Ferrymasters has won a new contract worth up to €20mfrom long-time customer Kingspan Insulated Panels. Read Full News Here

* Kerry Logistics to strengthen mainland China fashion network
- Kerry Logistics plans to further develop its fashion logistics network in mainland China with the building of three more facilities – in Shanghai, Chongqing and Kunshan – by 2011. Read Full News Here

* Wincanton reports recovery in customer volumes
- Prominent European supply chain solutions provider Wincanton this week reported that in the period since April 1, it had seen a recovery in customer volumes and a stronger new business pipeline. Read Full News Here

from Express & Mail

* UPS delivers strong Q2 results
- UPS saw profits surge ahead in the second quarter (Q2) of 2010, with all its business units benefitting from improved capacity utilisation as well as higher demand. Read Full Brief Here

from Road Freight

* EC clears Geodis acquisition of Giraud
- The European Commission has approved, in accordance with the EU Merger Regulation, the acquisition of international road freight group Giraud by French global logistics company Geodis. Read Full News Here

* Con-way Truckload unveils ‘DoubleStack’ trailers
- Con-way Truckload, a US full truckload carrier, has introduced a new racking system to increase the available cargo space on road trailers. Read Full News Here

from Air Cargo

* Boeing confirms quickening demand in air freight market
- The global market for air freight has recovered and will grow above trend through this year, according to Boeing’s ‘2010 Current Market Outlook’ report released on Friday (July 16). Read Full Brief Here

* SkyLink expands Canadian regional air cargo operations
- Canadian group SkyLink Express last week announced that it now owned 100% of Cargojet Regional Partnership. Read Full News Here

from Warehousing

* Agility strengthens presence in Vietnam
- Global forwarder and logistics provider Agility today (July 19) announced that it has relocated to a new modern facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Read Full News Here

* Hellmann Worldwide opens new warehouse in Turkey
- Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has expanded its warehouse capacity in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, Turkey, from 3,000 sq m to a total of 10,000 sq m. Read Full News Here

from Shipping/Ports

* Naval activity helps reduce pirate attacks on shipping
- There was a relative decline in pirate attacks on shipping worldwide during the first half of this year, according to the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau. Read Full News Here

Jul 25, 2010

INFRA... STRUCTURES * New Zealand's most dangerous roads revealed

Auckland,NZ -TV NZ/One News -24 July 2010: -- Some sections of New Zealand highways have been revealed as being far from safe after the government declared most stretches of road generally safe... There are also accusations that government officials deliberately ignore unsafe roads because of pressure from the trucking industry... Part of State Highway 2 just south of Dannevirke is officially the most dangerous stretch of road in the country... Motorists need to be aware of a rail crossing on the road that doesn't have any barrier arms and also need to need to spot an intersection nearby. They then need be aware of ditches and trees -roadside hazards many motorists don't notice... The latest revelations have come from new safety ratings for state highways. The KiwiRAP Star Ratings have been developed by the Automobile Association and the New Zealand Transport Agency...(Photo from This part of State Highway 2 just south of Dannevirke is officially the most dangerous


Jul 24, 2010

Cargo Theft * USA - Increased in 2010

Losses rose 5 percent in first six months as thieves seek larger payoffs

Washington,DC,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by Joseph Bonney -Jul 22, 2010: -- U.S. cargo theft losses rose 5 percent in the first half of 2010, apparently because of increased activity by criminal gangs, FreightWatch International USA said in its Bi-Annual Cargo Theft Report... That loss resulted from the burglary of pharmaceuticals with an estimated wholesale value of $76 million from an Eli Lilly warehouse in Enfield, Conn., in early March... Overall losses from warehouse burglaries from January through June were $102 million, compared with $38 million in the first half of 2009... Food and beverages were the most commonly stolen cargo, accounting for 93 theft incidents, or 22 percent of the total, with an average loss of $136,000... Meat products, canned beverages (sports drinks, energy drinks and juices), and raw products (such as sugar and coffee) were the most commonly stolen products in the food and beverage commodity category... Electronics was second at 19 percent, 74 incidents with average loss of $406,000... (Photo from


BORDER TROUBLES * MEXICO / USA - Cartel violence spikes in Nuevo Laredo

(Photo from YouTube, by linktv/Latin Pulse: May 21, 2009: Day after day, Mexico is home to more and more victims of drug trafficking and organized crime. In 2008 alone, 6,290 murders were attributed to fighting between the factions of organized crime. These factions are fighting for control over the drug routes to the United States, the world's biggest consumer of drugs. In addition, other illicit, million-dollars businesses - like human trafficking and kidnapping - are also expanding, even beyond Mexico's borders. A special investigative report from Venezuela's Telesur TV)

Nuevo Laredo,MEX -eTrucker -23 July 2010: -- Drivers and carriers operating in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, should be on alert after days of cartel gun battles there, logistics security firm FreightWatch International said Friday, July 23... Those with operations in Nuevo Laredo should consider adjusting or suspending them until security improves, said FreightWatch spokesman, Dan Burges. Some of the street battles included use of grenades, according to news reports. Many businesses remained closed Friday, with estimates as high as 90 percent of business closed, Burges said... The U.S. State Department has warned U.S. citizens to avoid travel to Nuevo Laredo, or remain indoors until law enforcement deems the town to be safe... In February, border crossings near Nuevo Laredo were closed briefly due to cartel violence...

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DRIVER FATIGUES * USA - Weary truckers pose a highway threat

"My fixed cost doesn't allow me to run legal ... I sleep four hours a night. It isn't out of choice. It's finances"...

Minneapolis,MINN,USA -The Star Tribune, by JIM SPENCER -July 22, 2010: -- Before he crashed his semitrailer truck in a midday accident that killed two people, Jason Styrbicky had been driving all night... The I-35 accident and others in Minnesota recently are renewing questions about truck driver inattention and distraction, as well as the role fatigue plays in each. But when the vehicle is an 80,000-pound semitrailer, losing focus becomes especially deadly... Since 2005, when the U.S. Department of Transportation reduced driving time and increased hours off between shifts, the number of people killed in big truck crashes nationwide shrank steadily, from 5,240 in 2005 to 4,229 in 2008... Fatigue drives regulatory debates, including whether to impose driving restrictions. Experts differ on whether pay based on miles or deliveries tempts truckers to drive dangerously or stay behind the wheel longer than rules allow...
At the Big Steer, a truck owner-operator begged to differ. "I don't get paid while I'm sitting waiting to load and unload,"
said the man, who asked that his name not be printed. "Drivers put themselves at risk driving fast to make stops" ... (Photo by Renee Jones Schneider/The Star Tribune: Big Steer truck stop)

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TRUCKS PRODUCTS * Australia - Optimised Australian routing package for truck operators

Ver mapa más grande
Sydney,Australia -Transport & Logistics News -20 July 2010: -- The Bestrane Group has integrated NAVTEQ Transport to the Route Planner application from Descartes to generate optimised routes specifically for Australian roads with thier unique transportation restrictions... With this successful integration GPS applications can now factor the unique transportation restrictions that are placed on Australia’s road network as a result of mass management, dimensional restrictions, bridge heights, etc... To keep the product relevant to today’s trucking industry, NAVTEQ conducted interviews with truck operators globally, including interviews in Australia...


Driver Remuneration & Safety * New Zealand - Labour MP launches trucking industry petition

"The current situation, particularly for small business owner drivers, can result in drivers working excessive hours to meet schedules, overloading their trucks and cutting back on vehicle maintenance"

(Video from YouTube, by R580NZ -11 Now 2008: More on board footage with R580 heading north out of Hawkes Bay, NZ)

Wellington,NZ -NZPA/ -23 July 2010: -- A petition launched by Labour MP Darien Fenton, calls for an inquiry into whether there is a link between truck driver remuneration and safety in the road transport industry... Ms Fenton, the party's transport safety spokeswoman, said a United States study had found the probability of a truck crash fell by 36 percent for every 10 percent increase in wages... Economic factors were having a direct impact on the death and injury toll in truck-related accidents in New Zealand, she said... She said the Government needed to show more interest in the issue...

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TRUCKING POLICY * Australia - Greens' truck rego plan is derailed

Little support for a plan to increase charges for B-double trucks

(Video from YouTube, by mozebasic - 6 Nov 2007: argosy b double aussie trucks. jake brake, loud turbo spooling)

Riverina,NSW,Australia -The Daily Advertiser, by BEN HIGGINS -23 Jul, 2010: -- The Greens have received little support from opposing Riverina candidates after releasing a plan to increase charges for B-double trucks... The plan is designed to increase rail freight and reduce the environmental impacts of the thousands of trucks on Australian roads but was quickly shut down... Greens candidate, David Fletcher, said the plan to scrap subsidies for truck and trailer registration would rejuvenate regional rail lines and increase jobs in the Riverina... However, his opponents believe the trucking industry to be vital to the Riverina, not only in terms of employment but also the delivery of day to day goods and services... Geoff Crouch, managing director of Ron Crouch Transport, said it was "idiotic" to think the industry could survive without the government subsidies... One Nation candidate, Craig Hesketh, summed up the feeling of most of the candidates by saying support for rail should not come at the cost of the trucking industry...

* Australia - Election: what the trucking industry wants

Canberra,Australia -Transport & Logistic News -20 July 2010: -- The trucking industry’s key priorities in the 2010 election campaign are more rest area funding and continued spending on roads, the industry’s peak body, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), said... The ATA outlined these priorities in its election brief, which calls on all parties to recognise the important role trucking plays in the Australian economy and urges them to work with the industry to improve efficiency and safety on Australia’s roads... With the economy shaping up to be a key election battleground, ATA chief executive, Stuart St Clair, said any discussion about growing the Australian economy must include increased investment in the nation’s roads...Mr St Clair said rest areas are essential in ensuring the safety of the Australian trucking industry... (Photo from t1.gstatic: The Calder Woodburn Rest Area, Australia)


Jul 23, 2010

EGR vs. SCR * USA - Daimler & Volvo, Responds to Navistar Contentions

The credibility or validity of the test published by Navistar cannot be judged without revelation of more details

(Video from YouTube, by ut06265 -9 April 2009)

El Monte,CAL,USA -RV Business -July 22, 2010:
... We run stringent fuel economy tests at Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) which are both accurate and substantiated... The 440-mile test run by our competitor is not appropriate for testing modern EPA 2010-compliant trucks. Running such a short distance test tampers with the outcome by calibrating regeneration intervals to occur immediately before and immediately after the test is completed. DTNA’s BlueTec Detroit Diesel engines regenerate after thousands of miles, not hundreds of miles. The longer the test, the more realistic the results and the closer they are to what a customer would experience in real world operations. DTNA has built more than 3,000 EPA 2010-compliant Cascadias with DD15 engines and more than 2,000 full production vehicles are currently running every day in customer fleets. Numerous customers running real life tests had completely different results and they have found Freightliner to be the best solution... In order to get a truly accurate and reliable comparison between vehicles, the use of comparable products with equivalent drivetrain components is a must. We’re eagerly anticipating acquiring an EPA 2010 certified series production 12.4L MaxxForce engine in order to run our own comparison study... The company will not comment on technologies manufactured or actions taken by other companies...

* Volvo Group defends SCR at environmental workshop

(Video from YouTube, by VolvoTrucks -16 June 2010: Customers of Volvo Trucks North America share the positive experience they've had with their Volvo trucks and the new SCR technology)

El Monte,CAL,USA –Truck News (CAN) –22 July 2010: -- Representatives from Volvo Group, strongly defended the effectiveness of SCR and warned against revamping the regulations with the roll-out of EPA2010-compliant engines already well underway... Volvo raised the point that unjustifiably limiting engine torque excessively could cause safety concerns on the road or strand drivers in the middle of nowhere in adverse conditions... John Mies, vice-president, corporate communications with Mack and Volvo called out Navistar... "The fact is that a Mack or Volvo truck running at 0.2 grams (per brake hp/hr NOx) is and will continue to be much better for the environment than a Navistar truck running at 0.5 grams - and no amount of changes to the inducement strategies will change that," he said. "Let's make sure that what we do is truly in the interest of the environment and the public. And let's not penalize those who have worked with you in good faith, and reward those who are trying to manipulate the system for their own competitive advantage"... Volvo Group has already delivered more than 3,500 Volvo and Mack engines with SCR in North America and has received orders for more than 10,000...

* COMMENT on Linkedin "World of Trucks'"

By Tom Vondenhuevel (Salesman at S&S Volvo & GMC Truck. Lima,OH,USA) -22 July 2010: • I find it amusing that the only engine manufacturer who can not meet the 2010 standard would be the one to sue to try and stop those who can. Navistar is worrying about a drivers ability to somehow get around a system the actually meets the standard while their engines don't meet the standard to begin with! They have to use credits from pick up truck engine sells to offset the penalties of not meeting the standard. (... !!!)

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Jul 22, 2010

TRUCKING INDUSTRY * USA - FedEx Ground to Pay $3 Million to Massachusetts

Settlement covers tax liabilities in alleged misclassification of drivers

Moon Township,PENN,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by William B. Cassidy -Jul 21, 2010: -- FedEx Ground will pay Massachusetts $3 million to settle allegations it misclassified delivery truck drivers as independent contractors, the state attorney general said... The $3 million will go to the state's general fund and cover alleged underpayments in payroll taxes, workers compensation and unemployment assistance... The settlement also provides a payment for 13 FedEx Ground drivers named in citations the attorney general filed against the company. The state first cited FedEx Ground in 2007 and later expanded its investigation... The company, which faces a driver lawsuit in Massachusetts, denies liability in the settlement. That lawsuit is not affected by the agreement with the state... (Photo from Fedex ground truck)


TRUCKERS JOBS * UK - Record number of driver jobs since 2007

London,EN,UK -Road Transport, by Laura Hailstone -21 July 2010: -- The road transport industry experienced its highest number of HGV driver vacancies for four years during May, with 13,299 positions advertised, compared with 11,060 in May 2007, Skills for Logistics (SfL) has revealed... Compared with a year ago, the number of driver positions has risen a staggering 180% from the 4,695 available in May 2009, while the number of van driver vacancies has also grown - some 70% from 3,187 in May 2009 to 5,378 this May... Between May 2009 and May 2010, overall vacancies in the sector rose by almost 130...


TRUCKING MARKET * USA - US freight cos post strong results as pricing improves

U.S. freight companies reported higher second-quarter profits on Wednesday and said pricing was improving steadily, indicating strong growth for the rest of the year

New York,NY,USA -Reuters, by A.Ananthalakshmi in Bangalore; Editing by Vinu Pilakkott -Jul 21, 2010: ... They also plan to add capacity in the second half of 2010 as the freight market thaws after a prolonged period of slowdown... Excess capacity had put pressure on pricing and dented margins at truckers as well as freight brokers. A slew of truck-operator bankruptcies has sucked out excess capacity from the industry, easing margins... Truck brokerage Hub Group and truckload carrier Werner Enterprises reported better-than-expected revenue after market close... In April, Hub said it would buy 2,000 intermodal containers from a subsidiary of Singamas Container Holdings as the freight market was picking up... Covenant Transportation Group also reported strong results, sending its shares up 3 percent after the bell... Knight Transportation, which reported strong quarterly results earlier Wednesday, said it plans to add 100 to 150 tractors during the second half if contract rates and operating ratio continued to improve...

* USA - Spot market freight more than doubles year to year

Portland,ORE,USA -Today's Trucking (CAN)-20 July 2010: -- TransCore's North American Freight Index for June 2010 showed a whopping 112 percent increase in spot market freight availability compared to the same time period last year... Spot market freight availability for the second quarter was 60 percent higher than first quarter volume and 331 percent higher than the recession-plagued activity of Q2 2009... Brokers, 3PLs, carriers, and owner-operators in North America are on track to list more than 60 million loads and trucks this year across a variety of services feeding TransCore’s DAT Network... The spot market is the sharpest rising freight sector in North America, with some lanes reporting huge volume increases and rate hikes as much as 30 percent... (Photo from gctl8)


Chassis Duties * USA - More ocean shippers drop intermodal ones

The list of ocean carriers who are offloading container chassis ownership is growing

New York,NY,USA -Today's Trucking (CAN) -21 July 2010: ... Shipping giants NYK Line and Evergreen said they will stop providing container chassis for truckers in the U.S.... Atlantic Container Line (ACL) and Orient Overseas Container Line are two other marine carriers that have already implemented similar policies, effectively requiring drayage truckers to buy or rent their own equipment... NYK will stop providing chassis in Baltimore, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh by Aug. 1, as well as Oakland and other ports by September... Evergreen is calling it quits on chassis on Aug. 15... It's likely not a coincidence that the moves by shipping lines coincide with the start date of the federal chassis "roadability" rule... It requires that whoever provides the intermodal chassis -- in most cases it's the rail or marine company -- must ensure safety checks are conducted on equipment and components like brakes and tires. The results must be reported before the chassis are meted out... (Photo from chassistrailers: container chassis)


World Traffic Congestion * WORLDWIDE - Study: IBM Global Commuter Pain Index measures

... The traffic here is worse than almost anywhere else

Armonk,NY,USA -Gizmag, by Ben Coxworth -July 20, 2010: ... As part of its research and development of traffic management systems, IBM decided to find out just which places do have the worst traffic - or at least, which places have the residents who are most negatively affected by it. The results: if you don’t like traffic, don’t live in a fast-growing metropolis... For its first-ever Global Commuter Pain Index, the company surveyed 8,192 drivers in 20 cities on six continents, getting feedback on issues such as commuting time, anger caused by driving in traffic, and the amount of time stuck in traffic...
Cities such as Los Angeles, New York and London, long thought of as traffic hellholes, actually scored relatively low on the index. This, say the researchers, is because those cities have been experiencing slow, steady growth over the past several years, so the traffic infrastructure has been able to keep up with the increased amount of vehicles on the road... Places like Moscow, New Delhi, and the top spot holder Beijing, however, have been growing too fast. According to the Beijing municipal taxation office, the number of new cars in that city rose by 23.8 percent in the first four months of 2010. It’s no surprise that 95 percent of Beijing motorists surveyed felt that roadway traffic had negatively affected their health - the global average was 57 percent. Beijing does plan on investing over 331.2 billion yuan (US$48.8 billion) by 2015 to improve its traffic infrastructure, but that doesn’t free the roads up right now...
Other findings of the survey included the facts that 49 percent of global drivers thought traffic has gotten worse in the past three years, 87 percent have been stuck in traffic causing an average one-hour delay, and 31 percent have encountered traffic so heavy that they turned around and went home... The city with the least painful commute, should you be curious, was Stockholm. Melbourne and Houston closely followed, in a tie for second-least... (Photo above: Traffic on the streets of Beijing, the worst offender on the index)

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Jul 21, 2010

TRUCK CRASHES * USA - Study finds seasons, time of day affect rates

CAL,USA -Fleet Owner, by Sean Kilcarr -Jul 20, 2010: -- Truck collisions and near-collisions are low from January through June, but more than triple at points between July and November, according to a new analysis of truck crash data... Also, collisions and near collisions peak on Tuesdays and Fridays in the long-haul trucking segment, peaking between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. as well as 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., with crash levels dropping to their lowest levels between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m... These are the findings of California-based DriveCam Inc., which analyzed its video event recorder database of over 18-million driving events across two-billion driving miles accumulated during 2009 to examine the frequency of collisions and near collisions by month, day, and time of day...