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Mar 31, 2010


Data compiled by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc (CAMPI)

Manila,Philippines -The Unlawyer -30 March 2010: ... The growth of commercial vehicles to be precise, suggests a resurgence in economic activity, as businesses large and small scramble to find the means to deliver the increased demand in raw materials and finished goods... Commercial vehicles continued to dominate as sales grew 41.5 percent, to 15,976 units against the 11,288 sold last year, for a 65.6-percent market share. Sales in February alone totaled 8,069 units, or 2 percent higher than the 7,907 units sold in January... Sales of light commercial vehicles soared 47.4-to 10,439 units against 7,083 last year as buyers snapped up vans, pickup trucks and compact wagons... (Photo from: adpost Manila's, Phil., used trucks)


DEF * USA - Everything you need to know about Diesel Exhaust Fluid

The ABCs of DEF

Nashville,TN,USA -Road King, by Paul Abelson -30 March 2010: -- New set of initials has entered trucking’s vocabulary: DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is being sold at truckstops and dealerships all across the country. Little has generated so many questions as this new product, so here are some answers.

Why do we need DEF?

Actually, most of us don’t, at least not immediately. DEF is a chemical consumed during selective catalytic reduction (SCR), one of two alternative strategies to achieve 2010 EPA emissions regulations. If you don’t drive a 2010 or newer truck, you won’t need DEF. And if your 2010 is from Navistar, you won’t need it either. Their alternative for achieving EPA 2010 is to use Advanced EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), an enhanced version of EGR, the strategy all engine makers used to reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) for the 2004 regulations. All other engine makers combine EGR and SCR.
.. The SCR process adds a urea solution to the exhaust stream. The urea is converted to ammonia and passed over precious metal catalysts that convert more than 90 percent of harmful nitrogen oxides to pure nitrogen and water vapor...


Cargo Thieves * USA - Go Online

Internet enables creative ways to pull off thefts

Long Beach,CAL,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by Bill Mongelluzzo -Mar 29, 2010: -- Criminal elements are becoming increasingly creative in using the internet to pull off cargo thefts throughout the supply chain, law enforcement detectives told a meeting of Harbor Truckers for a Sustainable Future in Long Beach... Cargo thieves are using the internet to track shipments, book transportation with legitimate motor carriers, or, conversely, to set up bogus trucking operations that arrange cargo pick-ups for legitimate shippers and forwarders... They get the shipping documentation they require, sometimes from inside sources, in order to secure release of the cargo... These thieves may call a legitimate harbor trucking company whose drivers have Transportation Worker Identification Credentials to pick up the container at the marine terminal and deliver it to a non-descript warehouse location... Trucking companies should do a thorough background check on drivers who apply for employment, including verifying all references. Drivers involved in cargo theft often move from state to state... Victims of cargo theft should report all incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The agencies need all the information they can get to build a data base...


HOS DEBATE * USA - GAO Is Investigating Truck Detention Practices

The Government Accountability Office is looking into operational and safety problems associated with detention of trucks at loading docks

Washington,DC,USA -TruckingInfo, by Oliver B. Patton -31 March 2010: -- The investigation, which is being done at the request of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, targets a problem that has been plaguing the industry for years... According to a 2009 study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the trucking industry considers time spent waiting at the dock to be the biggest inefficiency in the business. The agency put the cost to the industry at more than $3 billion a year, and the cost to society in general at more than $6.5 billion a year... According to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, drivers spend from 30 to 40 hours per week waiting at docks for shippers or receivers to load or unload... One of the questions GAO is asking indicates concern about the safety implications of excessive waiting time: If detention time cuts into driving time, it creates an incentive to violate the hours of service rules, the agency said... (Photo by Michelin)


TRUCKMAKERS' NEWS * USA - MATS: Navistar unveils new generation ProStar

Louisville,KY,USA -Truck News (CAN), by Lou Smyrlis -25 March 2010: -- Navistar went through its ProStar Class 8 truck "with a fine tooth comb" and came up with enough improvements to warrant introducing a new generation of the top-selling truck, dubbed the International 2010 ProStar+... The new generation includes improvements to the truck's aerodynamics and a reduction in curb weight, as well as a number of improvements to the cab's interior... The truck is powered by the company's Advanced EGR MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 engines, which don't require liquid urea to meet the 2010 emissions regulations... (Photo from bluegrassinternational: ProStar)

* Truck maker Oshkosh wins dismissal of fraud suit

New York,NY,USA -Reuters, by Jonathan Stempel -March 31, 2010: -- Oshkosh Corp won dismissal of an investor class-action lawsuit alleging the maker of heavy trucks inflated its stock price by failing to write down a troubled Dutch acquisition fast enough... U.S. District Judge, William Griesbach, in Milwaukee said it was not credible to believe the company and its auditor, Deloitte & Touche, intended to defraud anyone about Geesink Norba Group, a garbage truck maker that Oshkosh bought in 2001 for $137.6 million, including $95.6 million of goodwill... Geesink suffered $40.8 million of losses over four and a half years starting in 2004 before Oshkosh finally announced a $175.2 million writedown on June 26, 2008. Oshkosh stock fell 33.5 percent that day, to $22.29 from $33.51... Griesbach dismissed the case against the Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based company with prejudice, meaning it cannot be brought again... Lawyers for the Massachusetts funds and for Deloitte did not immediately return calls seeking comment. Oshkosh Chief Executive, Robert Bohn, said the company is pleased with the ruling... (Photo from Mc Neilus M5 refuse vehicle, with diesel-electric hybrid powertrain Oshkosh)


RULES * Canada - MTO drafts proposal to change impound policy for commercial vehicles

Ottawa,ONT,CAN -Truck News -26 March 2010: -- Commercial drivers caught driving with a suspended license in Ontario will not be subject to the same seven-day impound as automobile drivers if a new proposal from the Ministry of Transportation is successful... The MTO has agreed that commercial vehicles, particularly those that are owned by the carrier and driven by an employee, are different than automobiles and that they need to be handled differently. The Government agreed to provide, through regulation, a different policy for handling commercial vehicles as opposed to cars... Last week, MTO released their draft regulation regarding how commercial vehicles will be dealt with when a driver is found to be operating a commercial vehicle while their licence is under suspension... (See the Government proposals here)


POLICY * USA - Truckers Exhale: No New Fuel Taxes, DOT says

Where is the money going to come from?

New York,NY,USA -Gerson Lehrman Group, by John Schulz -March 26, 2010: -- A top official of the Department of Transportation says the Obama administration has not changed its stance in opposition to raising the federal tax on motor fuels... The federal tax on motor fuel -- 18.4 cents on gasoline and 23.4 cents on diesel -- has gone unchanged since 1993, the opening days of the Clinton administration... Recently John Porcari,the Deputy DOT Secretary, told Congress that it "is still our position" not to raise the fuel tax in the wake of the recession. "That as we are in the beginning stages of a recovery, it is as important as ever to make sure that recovery is accelerated in every way possible"... Let's hope that acceleration doesn't include driving on any of our nation's congested, overused, and under-maintained highways. Recent reports show nearly one-half of the nation's bridges are structurally inadequate and perhaps as much as one-third of the Interstate highway system is in need of upgrading... Only problem is nobody in Washington has the guts to raise anyone's taxes in an election year. And that's a shame...


Electric Trucks * USA - FedEx Express to Test in LA

Parcel giant teams with Navistar to demonstrate all-electric technology

Los Angeles,CAL,USA -The Journal of Commerce Online, by William B. Cassidy -Mar 30, 2010: -- FedEx Express today unveiled plans to test its first all-electric parcel delivery vans, plugging two of four test trucks into its Los Angeles-area fleet in June... Navistar and FedEx on Tuesday are rolling out a FedEx-branded prototype all-electric truck that launches a demonstration tour of the technology on Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles... The vehicle will be operated for FedEx customers, employees, and local officials...


Trucking Jobs * USA - On increase; turnover remains at record low

ATA says drivers are expected to be more in demand in coming quarters as training schools are reporting that “carrier interest is growing rapidly”

Arlington,VA,USA -The Trucker News Services -30 March 2010: -- For the first time in almost 3 years, small truckload fleets have increased payrolls... The American Trucking Associations’ 2009 fourth quarter industry report says that total employment grew 1.5 percent, with a 2.2 percent gain in the numbers of line-haul drivers and mechanics. The number of dispatch and sales jobs fell slightly... Still, payrolls at small truckload carriers are off nearly 20 percent since the fourth quarter 2007, ATA noted... Large truckload carriers have continued to reduce payrolls, cutting employment by 0.8 percent in the quarter, including a 0.5 percent driver reduction while the sales force actually saw a 1.1 percent gain, according to ATA...


Mar 30, 2010


* Brazil - MAN Latin America opens showroom in Angola to sell trucks made in

Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil -MacauHub (Macau) -30 March 2010: -- MAN Latin America, a subsidiary of German group MAN, has opened a showroom in Angola to sell Volkswagen trucks produced in Brazil... Even with the economic crisis of the end of 2008 and 2009, Angola remained in third place on the list of countries to which MAN Latin America most exported, having received 745 units, an amount exceeded only by Mexico (951) and Argentina (856)... In Africa the manufacturer’s business is mainly focused in the south (South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia) and west (Angola, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia and Ghana)... MAN Latin America is the biggest Brazilian exporter of trucks, with 3,865 units exported in 2009, and the second-biggest exporter of buses, with 1,329 vehicles exported in the same period, to over 20 countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East... (Photo from t3.gstatic)

* UK - Daimler reports on London hybrid trial progress

Surrey,UK -Road Transport (UK), by Colin Barnett -29 March 2010: -- At the halfway point of a three-year operator trial of 10 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter hybrids in London, Daimler says the vehicles have so far saved 5,000 litres of fuel and 13 tonnes of CO2... Nine UK operators, specially selected to provide a realistic challenge, are running the 7.5-tonne trucks on a variety of operations, including mail and parcels, highway maintenance and food deliveries... Distances covered so far have varied between 12,000km and 48,000km per vehicle, with a total of 260,000km... The rate of hybrid support from the electric motors has varied between 13% and 18%, giving a total fuel saving so far of around 5,000 litres, or 13 tonnes of CO2...

* Germany - Daimler expands commercial production in Brazil

Frankfurt,Germany -AP -30 March 2010: -- German automotive group Daimler AG says it will expand commercial vehicle production through its Mercedes-Benz plant in Juiz de Fora in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, starting in 2011... The Stuttgart-based company did not provide details Tuesday about cost, or what models it might produce, but said it was increasing capacity because of sales growth in Latin American markets, especially in Brazil... Daimler announced earlier this month that it would expand production at its Sao Bernardo do Campo truck and bus plant, near Sao Paulo... (Picture from -UK: Brazil's M. Benz's truck)

* India - Kamaz Vectra Hosur plant shut down

Hosur,Tamil Nadu,India -Sify Business -29 March 2010: -- Heavy truck maker Kamaz Vectra Motors Ltd's plant at Hosur has been shut down by the Tamil Nadu Factories Inspectorate for operating without a proper licence, an official said Monday... 'We found workers were listed under the names of two companies in the same premises. This is not as per the law. Further, the company does not have a licence to operate,' the inspectorate official told IANS on condition of anonymity... The inspection took place Saturday as workers at the plant have been on a sit-in strike for over 15 days demanding absorption by Kamaz Vectra... According to inspectorate officials, Kamaz Vectra had applied for renewal of the factory licence which has not been granted till date... Kamaz Vectra is a 51:49 joint venture between Russian heavy duty truck maker Kamaz and the UK-headquartered Vectra group...

* Sweden - Scania sees slow recovery for European truck demand

Stockholm,Sweden -Reuters, by Victoria Klesty -Mar 29, 2010: -- Truck maker Scania AB said on Monday that Europe still had spare transport capacity and it would take some time before demand for trucks returned to full strength... European truck makers saw commercial vehicle sales down more than 30 percent last year and in February European commercial vehicle sales fell a further 3.1 percent, industry association ACEA said... Earlier this month the company said it would raise production and bring staff back to full-time work as it began to unwind some of the measures put in place at the height of the crisis... Many Scania workers who had been working four-day weeks since June 2009 would return to a normal five-day schedule starting in April...

* UK - Low weight DAFs

London,UK -HGV UK -March 30, 2010: -- A vehicle weight reduction project with a target of increasing payload by over seven per cent is underway at leading foodstuffs tanker operator Abbey Road Tanks with the arrival of 13 ultra low weight versions of the FTP model from DAF’s CF85 range... Significant environmental benefits are also expected in line with Abbey Road Tanks’ green strategy because increased payload will mean fewer vehicle movements and therefore reduced fuel consumption... The project takes a holistic approach that covers every aspect of the specification and operation of the vehicles. The aim is to meet a target of raising payload from the current 28 tonnes to 30 tonnes whilst seeing fuel usage drop by 5% over the next 12 months... Choice of the DAF CF85 FTP model brings an immediate weight saving of around 450 kgs over a standard 44 tonne mid-lift axle tractor units because it uses smaller 17.5 inch wheels and tyres on the lift axle. Specification of a day cab brings a further reduction in weight of around 75 kg and more is shaved-off by the use of a fixed Jost fifth wheel and aluminium fuel and air tanks and wheels... The result is a tractor that weighs in at just 7572 kgs fully fuelled, with Adblue, pumping kit and driver. Running with current lightweight tanks in the fleet, this takes payload up to 29.5 tonnes. Now the focus is on the tanks in order to hit the 30 tonne target...


EVENT * USA - Videos of The 2010 Mid America Trucking Show

* INTRODUCTION: Mid-America Trucking Show 2010

Video from Youtube, by russel5375 -28 March 2010: Day One Wrap-Up: Marco Beghetto, Senior Editor for Today's Trucking (Canada), goes over the highlights of MATS 2010.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

* Volvo's 2010 SCR System

Video from YouTube, by pentontrans - 19 March 2009: Volvo's selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology not only reduces NOx levels but also active regeneration too. Ed Saxman, project manager-drivetrains for Volvo, explains how this process works.

* Kenworth T700 Revealed !

Video from YouTube, by KenworthTruckCo - March 24, 2010: Kenworth Truck Company revealed the all new T700 at the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, KY. General Manager, Bill Kozek, unveils this next generation aerodynamic model and Chief Engineer, Preston Feight, talks about the features and benefits...

* Shiny Trucks

Video from YouTube, by TuckersHorses -28 March 2010, using FlipShare

* ENGINE: Cummins 2010 ISX15

Video from YouTube, by pentontrans - 18 March 2009: Steve Charlton, vp of heavy-duty engineering for Cummins Inc., provides a walkaround for Cummins 2010 ISX15 Engine in Louisville, Ken.

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TRAILERS * USA - Talking Trailer Technology

Louisville,Kentucky,USA -Fleet Owner at MATS -Mar 29, 2010: -- At the 2010 Mid America Trucking Show, a variety of cost-saving trailer designs were on display. Ed Chambless of Utility Trailer shows off new flexible side skirts that boost fuel economy yet withstand damage...

Video from YouTube: Three trailer manufacturers at the 2010 Mid America Trucking Show discuss new technologies designed to offer cost savings to truckers.


TRUCK SALES * Europa - In Feb stabilise, down 3.1 pct

Stockholm,Sweden -Reuters, by Niklas Pollard & Johannes Hellstrom -March 26, 2010: -- European commercial vehicle sales fell 3.1 percent in February, industry association ACEA said on Friday, as the hard hit truck market stabilised but showed little evidence of an upswing... Truckmakers such as Germany's Daimler and MAN SE , Sweden's Volvo and Scania and Fiat's Iveco were hit by the steepest market decline in decades after the global financial crisis struck in late 2008... Demand has stabilised in recent months, but lingering tight credit to fund purchases of new vehicles and reduced demand for transporting goods has meant there is little sign of a return to the booming truck sales seen before the crisis... ACEA said in a statement new heavy-duty truck registrations fell 32 percent year-on-year in Europe, which includes the European Union member states plus the EFTA nations but excludes Cyprus and Malta, while new light vehicles rose 1.8 percent... (Picture from

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STIMULUS FUNDS * USA - Recovery Act infrastructure jobs top 1.2 million

Washington,DC,USA -Land Line Magazine, by David Tanner -March 26, 2010: -- The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has created or sustained 1.2 million infrastructure jobs so far according to the chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee... Rep. James Oberstar, D-MN, also said that 88 percent, or $33.4 billion, of the $38 billion allocated in the Recovery Act for highways, transit and wastewater infrastructure has been put out to bid on 16,380 projects. More than 4,200 of those projects are completely finished... On Friday, March 26, the committee met for the 16th time in a little more than a year to discuss the progress and oversight of the act... “As we reach the end of the Recovery Act formula grants, we must build on this success and continue to invest in our nation’s infrastructure,” Oberstar stated... (Photo from americainfra: highways bridge)


GOOD NEWS * USA - Delta truck business springs back to life

Breslau,Pierce County,NB,USA -The Record, by Rose Simone -March 26, 2010: ... Delta Truck Equipment, a specialized truck service business, has been resurrected under new ownership from the ashes of Delta Spring & Chassis, which closed its doors in February after the former owner, Edmonton-based Raydan Manufacturing Inc., placed Delta Spring and the Sturdy Truck Body business in Baden into receivership... Sturdy’s assets are still in the hands of the receiver, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Inc., but Delta has managed to find a new owner and recently reopened its doors after hiring back 16 of its 26 former staff members... Leon Lukasik, the new president of the business, which has been renamed Delta Truck Equipment, said that as soon as he heard Delta Spring had closed, he got together with financial backers and began negotiations to buy it... Lukasik said he looks forward to bringing his knowledge of hydraulics and truck mounted equipment into the business. “We will be expanding our reach into the marketplace,” he said... (Photo bt Mathew McCarthy: Members of the management team at Delta Truck Equipment (from left) Steve Johnson, service manager, Leon Lukasik, president, Ross Casemore, parts manager, and Al de Waal, general manager, stand in in one of the garage bays at the Breslau business)


Rules & Regulations * USA - ATA Joins Coalition Call for Derivatives Market one

Arlington,VA,USA -PRNewswire/USNewswire -March 26. 2010: -- The American Trucking Associations (ATA) today joined more than 75 other industry and consumer groups to advocate federal regulation of the commodity futures market. In 2008, excessive speculation in commodities pushed crude oil to $147 a barrel, exposing the trucking industry, consumers and the national economy to crippling fuel prices... ATA is a member of the Commodity Markets Oversight Coalition, which said in a letter to the U.S. Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee that policy in the commodity trading markets should aim to strengthen oversight, transparency and stability to address inadequacies in the existing derivatives markets... The Coalition that includes 16 other state trucking associations believes new legislation to reform the U.S. derivatives markets should include the following positions: ... (link here)

* More groups stand against change that could ban owner-ops from ports

Washington,DC,USA -Land Line Magazine, by Charlie Morasch -March 30, 2010: -- The Teamsters and others are lobbying Congress to change the FAAAA to allow ports to ban owner-operators... In 2008, the Port of Los Angeles adopted a Clean Truck Program that will eventually allow only company truck drivers on the port, though that requirement has been delayed pending a lawsuit filed by the American Trucking Associations... Rep. Gary Miller, R-CA, joined the ATA, American Association of Port Authorities, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers in opposing the FAAAA change... OOIDA is working to protect the rights of truck drivers to make port calls without having to pay expensive fees to trucks that are licensed with port access. The Association worked with the port to create a day-pass system to allow occasional port visits by truckers after the port approved the Clean Truck Program...

* Rule to limit wireless communication devices

Washington,DC,USA -The Trucker, by BARB KAMPBELL -30 March 2010: ... A proposed rule for cell phone use, has made it out of the White House Office of Management and Budget for review, and has been sent back to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for publication soon... According to the proposed rule abstract, this rulemaking would ban text messaging and restrict the use of cell phones while operating a commercial motor vehicle. This rulemaking is in response to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration-sponsored studies that analyzed safety incidents and distracted drivers. This rulemaking would also address the National Transportation Safety Board's "Most Wanted List" of safety recommendations... (Photo The Trucker by BARB KAMPBELL: Truckers are already banned from texting while driving, and this rule is expected to be much more broad in scope)

* West Virginia advances stricter truck rules

Charleston,W.VA., USA -Land Line Magazine, by Keith Goble -March 30, 2010: ... The House approve a bill that would make changes to West Virginia law concerning commercial driver’s licenses to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations... Among the changes:
- Fines for drivers found violating OOS orders would increase to $2,500. Subsequent offenses would result in $5,000 fines.
- Motor carriers would also face greater punishment. Employers convicted of knowingly allowing, requiring, permitting or authorizing a driver in OOS status to get behind the wheel would face fines between $2,750 and $25,000.

West Virginia is not alone in trying to enact harsher penalties for violating OOS penalties. A similar effort is under way in New Hampshire. Elsewhere, Indiana, New Jersey, South Dakota and Wisconsin have recently enacted changes into law...


HOS * USA - ATA speakers encourage FMCSA to make HOS rules flexible

Louisville,KY,USA -The Trucker News Services -MAT- 27 March 2010: -- Representatives of affiliates and member companies of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) told the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) here Friday that the latest safety figures help to show the effectiveness of the current Hours of Service (HOS) rules. These representatives also told FMCSA that the rules can be improved with flexibility in the sleeper berth provision... This was the last of five scheduled around the country as the FMCSA again considers HOS changes requested by special interest groups. Usher said that the trucking industry has seen a large decline in the truck-involved fatality rate since the current HOS rules took effect. The continually improving safety figures illustrate the real-world benefits of the current rules, which are based on a decade of extensive research and analysis... (Photo - America’s Road Team Captain Steve Fields, a professional truck driver who has driven more than 2.5 million crash-free miles, commenting on HOS Friday at MATS)


PROGNOSIS * USA - Trucking rates poised for big increase

Trucking rates, which are near historic lows, are heading for a big rebound

Dallas,TX,USA -The Dallas Business Journal, by Jeff Bounds -March 26, 2010: -- The questions are, how big — and how soon? Rate spike would have a significant impact on North Texas’ robust logistics industry... The trucking industry has dramatically shrunk in the past two years, due to record-high fuel prices in 2008 and the recession of 2009. The number of national truckloads shipped with freight from only one customer — the biggest part of the industry— fell 15% from 2008 to 2009, according to the American Trucking Associations, a Washington, D.C.-area trade group... Terrance Pohlen, an associate professor of logistics at the University of North Texas, said he believes trucking companies will not add capacity in the form of new trucks and drivers until they know that demand has returned in a significant, sustained way. The improving economy, meanwhile, will push demand higher for trucking services... “Rates,” Pohlen said, “will go through the roof”... That would have a significant impact on the local trucking and logistics industry. Because of its central location, mild climate and critical highways, Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the top five logistics hubs in the country, with all major trucking companies having locations here, including YRC Worldwide Inc., JB Hunt Transportation and Swift Transportation... The North Texas area easily has tens of thousands of workers in the trucking industry, according to John Esparza, president and CEO of the Texas Motor Transportation Association... (Photo by Bud Force - ROAD WARRIOR: Terrance Pohlen, associate professor of logistics at the University of Texas, said an imbalance of supply and demand could cause trucking costs to spike in 2010: “Rates will go through the roof”)


TRUCKING INDUSTRY TROUBLES * Australia - It’s been a tough time recently for trucking

First Fleet's gone, but 1st Fleet's still kicking... Name likeness to failed company causes rumours to circulate about the demise of one of the nation's largest trucking operators...

Wingfield,S.A.,,Australia -ATN, by Brad Gardner -March 29, 2010: -- Fletchers Freighters has called in administrators, signifying another of the trucking industry’s big-name carriers is struggling to survive... Details are sketchy at the moment, but administrators say Fletchers operations will be urgently assessed to look at possible restructuring and sale opportunities... Fletchers has depots in Adelaide, Berrie, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and operates a fleet of 80 trucks and 135 trailers...

South Melbourne,Victory -- Mannway sinking into oblivion after administrators failed to find a buyer. As well as a huge debt burden, the company also lost significant contracts with customers...

Brisbane,Queensland -- Earlier this month one of Queensland’s largest trucking companies, Latter’s Transport, went into liquidation over an unpaid debt to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It marked an end for the 40-year-old company, which boasted a fleet of 80 prime movers and more than 140 trailers...

Wynnum Central, QLD -- Another big-name Queensland operator, Hawkins Road Transport, turned its back on general freight because it was not sustainable... Hawkins CEO Rosalind Shaw says general freight volumes have fallen in the last year, and the decision of one of the company’s biggest customers to turn to rail about six months ago also influenced the operator’s decision...

Kembla, NSW -- The Director of Ross Transport, Alan Ross, says more trucking companies will go broke unless governments stop slugging them with higher charges... His comment came before last week’s announcement by the National Transport Commission (NTC) that governments should increase scheduled registration increases by 4.2 percent and raise the diesel excise to 22.6 cents a litre from July 1...