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Oct 30, 2008

HYBRID TECHNOLOGY * USA - Coupling Delivery Trucks With

Hybrid systems and delivery trucks would seem to be an ideal partnership

New York,NY,USA -The New York Times, by IAN AUSTEN -October 30, 2008: -- ... Many hybrids store the energy created when a vehicle slows or brakes and use it later to make the vehicle go. Except for taxis and city buses, few vehicles do as much stop-and-go driving as delivery trucks... But a number of factors — some technical, most financial — mean that only about 1,000 of the trucks rumbling around American cities delivering soft drinks or lumber are hybrids. Commercial production of such vehicles began less than a year ago, and they are available, at least in North America, from only three companies... The hybrid trucks are sold by Paccar under the Kenworth, Peterbilt marques; International, which is owned by Navistar; and Freightliner, and they are far less ambitious than the passenger cars sold by Toyota and other automakers... (Photo: Courtesy Kenworth Truck Company - Kenworth Truck Company's new T370 Class 7 diesel-electric hybrid tractor)


Fatigue Regulations * Australia - NSW 'back to the table' on

Sydney,NSW,Australia -ABC -30 October 2008: -- The New South Wales Government will meet with trucking industry representatives over concerns with the new fatigue laws, according to the Opposition... Last week the Coalition moved a disallowance motion on the Road Transport (General) Amendment (Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue and Speeding Compliance) Regulation... Shadow Road Safety Minister Andrew Fraser says the disallowance motion has had "a successful result"... Shadow Roads Minister Duncan Gay says industry was not properly consulted in the drafting of the laws... Gay says a number of issues need to be addressed, including the lack of rest stops, confusion around the regulations and the demerit points associated with new work diaries...


Oct 29, 2008


Strategic Buyers - International Deals

* UK - 20 Oct : ABC Taxis has acquired Supreme Taxis. Supreme provides taxi service in the UK. Terms were not disclosed.

* Germany - 20 Oct: Kuehne & Nagel International AG announced the pending acquisition of Transports Alloin S.A.S. Based in Villefranche-Sur-Saône, France, Transports Alloin provides 3PL services in France and internationally. Terms were not disclosed.

* Canada - 21 Oct: TransForce Inc. has acquired Roland Thibault Inc. Based in Granby, Canada, Roland provides collection and disposal of non-hazardous solid waste. Terms were not disclosed.

* Singapore - 21 Oct: Singapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd. announced the pending acquisition of Menzies Aviation (Hong Kong) Limited for $2.1 million. Menzies provides ground handling services at the Hong Kong International Airport.

* China - 21 Oct: China State Construction Engineering Corporation announced the pending acquisition of China Overseas Ports Investment Company Limited ("COPIC") for $171.3 million. Based in Shenzhen, COPIC operates ports and provides logistics services.

* Holland- 21 Oct: Schiphol Group announced the pending acquisition of an 8% stake in Aeroports de Paris for $697.9 million. Based in Paris, Aeroports provides airport management services. Aeroports had TTM revenue of $3.8 billion and TTM EBITDA of $1.2 billion.

* UK - 22 Oct: Bring Logistics Solutions AS announced the pending acquisition of Nor-Cargo Ltd. Nor-Cargo provides freight forwarding and logistics management services in the UK and had TTM revenue of $42.0 million. Terms were not disclosed.

* UK - 22 Oct: CWT Commodities Pte Ltd. announced the pending acquisition of Sitos Group B.V. for $10.6 million. Sitos provides commodity logistics services from its base in Amsterdam.

* France - 23 Oct: Synergie SA has acquired A.D.R. Worldwide Logistics. ADR provides courier and postal services from its base in the Netherlands. Terms were not disclosed.

* UK - 23 Oct: Wincanton plc has acquired ELI-Logistik GmbH for $19.3 million. ELI-Logistik provides packaging, contract and transport logistics from its base in Koblenz, Germany.

US Domestic Deals

* USA - 17 Oct: Rock-It Cargo USA, LLC has acquired Dietl International Services, Inc. Based in New York, Dietl provides fine art logistics solutions. Terms were not disclosed.



* YRC to Cut 6% of Workforce

Overland Park,Kan,USA -AP/Transport Topics -29 Oct 2008: -- YRC Worldwide will cut 6% of its workforce in a cost-reduction move that is part of a stepped-up plan to integrate its Roadway and Yellow Transportation units... A spokeswoman said the less-than-truckload carrier will lay off about 3,750 drivers and dockworkers as it integrates the units, AP reported... YRC has not determined whether any of the layoffs will occur in the Kansas City area... The company, which has about 58,000 employees, last week reported its third-quarter earnings fell 10% from a year ago...


REPORT * USA - Trucking failures continue at record pace

The economic downward spiral has taken a deeper toll on the trucking industry than ever before with a record number of companies failing in the first three quarters of 2008

Nashville,TN,USA -Land Line Magazine -Oct. 28, 2008: -- ... Donald Broughton, a longtime trucking analyst and managing director of Avondale Partners LLC, reported that 785 companies with approximately 39,000 trucks, or 2.0 percent of the nation’s over-the-road heavy-duty trucks, closed their doors in the third quarter... That brings the total number of trucks pulled off the road in 2008 to more than 127,000 trucks or 6.5 percent of the trucks in the industry... If the pace continues through the fourth quarter, Broughton says 2008 will be “the worst year to be a marginal trucker”... But, he acknowledges, it could be the “best year to have survived”... A total of 2,690 companies with five or more trucks went out of business between January and September. Broughton notes that more companies failed in the 2000-2001 trucking downturn, but they were smaller companies than are failing in 2008... In 2000-2001, the average size of companies that failed was companies with between 20 and 35 trucks. This year, it’s companies with more than 45 trucks...


New Technology * USA - Improves Effiency of Trash Trucks

Dothan,ALA,USA -wtvy, by Lisa Blackwell -Oct 27, 2008: -- Dothan’s automated trash trucks have been enroute for several years now. Studies show these trucks are 30 % faster than older trucks and handle between 800 to 900 bins per route per day... The new trucks are safer; the old method was responsible for six to seven injuries a year... A new GPS system is making trash collection even more efficient... A total of fifty trucks are tracked which allows the department to locate and dispatch workers more effectively. New routing assistance software is currently being evaluated that would determine shorter routes, leading to greater efficiency and fuel savings...


Clean Trucks Program * USA - November launch for LA-Long Beach truck fee system

Long Beaqch,CAL,USA -The JOURNAL of COMMERCE ONLINE, by Bill Mongelluzzo -October 28, 2008: -- Terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach will launch the clean-trucks program known as PortCheck “sometime in November,” according to the West Coast Marine Terminal Operator Agreement... PortCheck is the electronic system that will be used to process trucks as they enter marine terminals, and to charge cargo interests a clean-truck fee of $35 per TEU. The revenue from the clean-truck fee will be used to help truckers purchase new vehicles that comply with the ports’ strict new emission standards...

* ATA Asks Court to Deny Filing Delay

Los Angeles,CAL,USA -Traffic World, by Bill Mongelluzzo -29 Oct 2008: -- The American Trucking Associations today asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to deny a request from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for a 21-day delay in the court-imposed deadline for filing their responses in the case involving the ports' clean-truck concession plans... The 9th Circuit had set a filing date of Nov. 5 for the ports to file their arguments on the legality of the concession requirements... The ATA noted in its filing that the ports on Oct. 1 implemented the clean-trucks concession requirements. ATA considers the concession requirements to be unlawful and burdensome on harbor trucking companies...


HIGHWAY SAFETY * USA - ATA Gives Details of Bold Agenda

Arlington,VA,USA -MarketWatch -Oct 28, 2008: -- The American Trucking Associations today unveiled the details of a bold highway safety agenda designed to reduce the number of highway-related fatalities and injuries for all drivers on the nation's highways... Augmenting an established platform of successful safety initiatives, ATA today outlined 18 critical steps for further reducing highway crashes among all motorists...

Ten recommendations to improve truck and passenger vehicle driver performance are:

1. Policy on the use of non-integrated technologies while the vehicle is in motion
2. Policy supporting uniform commercial drivers license (CDL) testing standards
3. Support for a CDL graduated licensing study
4. Advocate for additional parking facilities for trucks
5. Advocate for a national maximum 65mph speed limit
6. Pursue strategies to increase the use of seat belts
7. Support for a national car-truck driver behavior improvement program
8. Support for increased use of red light cameras and automated speed enforcement
9. Support for graduated licensing in all states for non-commercial teen drivers
10. Support for more stringent laws to reduce drinking and driving.

Three recommendations that focus on making vehicles safer are:

11. Support targeted electronic speed governing of certain non-commercial vehicles
12. Require electronic speed governing of all large trucks made since 1992
13. Advocate for new large truck crashworthiness standards.

Five recommendations that will improve federal oversight are:

14. Advocate for a national employer notification system
15. Create a federal clearinghouse for positive drug and alcohol test results of CDL holders
16. Support a federal registry of certified medical examiners
17. Create a policy supporting access to the national Driver Information Resource
18. Support for required safety training by new entrant motor carriers.


ANALYSIS * USA - Goldman cautious on truckers

Minneapolis, MN,USA -Associated Press/Forbes -28 Oct 2008: -- Trucking analysts at Goldman Sachs on Tuesday said they remain cautious on less-than-truckload companies even though many of them beat third-quarter expectations... They also wrote that the group's distribution hubs are a fixed cost that will be difficult to offset, and that the market is fragmented and larger competitors such as FedEx and UPS "will price aggressively to gain share"... Declining fuel prices have helped trucking companies, but the group has warned that demand could weaken in a recession. On Monday the American Trucking Associations said its survey-based tonnage index fell 0.9 percent in September...


TRUCKMAKERS' NEWS * USA - US Army orders keep Mack Trucks busy

Lehigh Valley,PEN,USA -Truck News (CAN) -28 Oct 2008: -- An economic slowdown may have choked North American truck sales this year, but the US Army continues to place orders with Mack Trucks... Mack has received its third military contract this month, a US$8.6 million order for 66 Mack Granite Elite model tractors, known domestically as the Mack Granite Axle-Back... The trucks will be delivered over the next three months, Mack announced. Earlier this month, Mack received orders for 152 Vision Elite tractors and lowboy trailers. It has also reached a deal to supply MP8 engines which will be adapted to operate on JP-8 jet fuel...

* Australia - Trucks give Australian Army a lift

Melbourne,Australia -The Herald Sun, by Ian McPhedran -October 29, 2008: -- The Australian Army will get a transport boost today when the Government unveils a plan for almost $1 billion worth of trucks and upgraded armoured vehicles... Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon will use his opening speech at the Land Warfare Conference in Brisbane to announce a $220 million upgrade for 81 armoured personnel carriers... The minister will also reveal an order for 293 Australian-built Bushmaster armoured cars...


Security and Logistics * USA - Rethinking. Can Help Reduce Risk of Cargo Theft

Technology noted as one way to protect against theft

Warren,NJ,USA -Supply & Demand Chain Executive (Gilbert,AZ) -October 28, 2008: -- Consumer electronics, food and clothing are the three most stolen cargoes, and thefts of these and other items occur most often during the weekend, according to statistics compiled by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies... Chubb's statistical study also indicates that truck stops and rest areas are the most targeted locations for cargo thefts, accounting for more than one-third of all incidents, followed by modal yards and unsecured locations, such as drop lots and motel and restaurant parking lots... Tarnef said businesses can take steps to help prevent cargo thefts, such as:

* Thoroughly screen prospective employees. Some cargo security experts maintain that a high percentage of cargo thefts involve inside information or complicity.

* Carefully select transportation partners and intermediaries. Remember that these companies have care, custody and control of goods once they leave your premises until they reach their destination.

* Establish a security culture within your company. Provide security training for employees, and educate truck drivers in hijack awareness and prevention.

* Factor in security when determining shipment routing. Cargo thieves often "case" known shipping points (plants, warehouses and distribution centers) and follow trucks as they depart, waiting for the drivers to stop so that they can pounce on the loads. Drivers should not be allowed to stop in the "red zone" (the first 200 miles/4 hours from their starting point) as well as known hot spots.

* Incorporate counter surveillance into the duties of security guards, and have guards patrol away from perimeters.

* Take advantage of technology. Vehicle and shipment tracking, vehicle immobilization and advanced, high-technology security seals are now available at lower cost.

* Conduct periodic security audits. Operations and personnel change, and criminals are always harvesting fresh ideas and modifying previous techniques.

* Indiana police join TACT program

IND,USA -Land Line Magazine -October 28, 2008: -- The Indiana State Police are the latest addition to a growing list of highway patrols around the country enlisting the help of the trucking industry... Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks is a program that pairs law enforcement with truckers to give the cops a bird’s-eye view of the antics pulled by four-wheelers and trucks alike... The officer riding in the truck radios ahead to report violations, and the offender is pulled over by a marked vehicle...


Oct 28, 2008


Brief & Weekly News

from Freight Forwarding

* Germany - K+N provides ambiguous numbers on state of the global logistics sector
Global forwarder Kuehne + Nagel yesterday (October 20) released its latest results – and announced the acquisition of a prominent French road freight groupage operator. Read Full Brief Here

* USA - Specialty logistics companies Dietl and Rock-It merge
US fine arts logistics specialist Dietl International Services has merged with Rock-It Cargo, a US provider of services in the music touring/live events sector. Read Full News Here

* USA - Pilot Freight reports record quarterly revenue
US-based worldwide freight forwarder Pilot Freight Services this week announced its financial results for the 2008 third quarter ending September 30. Read Full News Here

* UK - Customs software provider Impatex unveils two-product strategy
UK-based customs and freight software provider Impatex has unveiled its product development strategy for next year. Read Full News Here

from Contract Logistics

* UK - New report: developing markets offer greatest cold chain logistics opportunities
Ti’s latest report, Global Cold Chain Logistics 2008/9, concludes that the greatest opportunities for that sector lie in developing markets such as China, India and Vietnam. Read Full Brief Here

* UK - Wincanton adds two new e-commerce customers in France
European logistics service provider Wincanton recently announced the addition of two customers from the e-commerce sector − Pixmania and DHC – involving operations in France. Read Full News Here

* USA - CEVA wins contract from UK utilities service provider
CEVA Logistics has been awarded a contract to manage procurement, inventory, warehousing and materials distribution for UK electricity and water services supplier United Utilities. Read Full News Here

* USA - TransLogic Auto Carriers acquired by CNC Holdings
Further corporate activity in the US vehicle transportation sector has seen CNC Holdings acquire 53% of the shares in TransLogic Auto Carriers. Read Full News Here

* USA - OL&T predicts “double-digit” business growth this year
Odyssey Logistics & Technology, a US-based logistics service provider for chemical and process industries, stated this week that it expected to achieve double-digit business growth in 2008. Read Full News Here

* USA - CEVA announces contract developments in Iberia and Australia
CEVA Logistics this week announced the signing of a new contract with Ricoh in Spain. It also separately reported a contract extension with a customer in Australia. Read Full News Here

* USA - Greatwide Logistics set to be acquired by investor group
Greatwide Logistics Services – a US provider of national third party logistics services – this week announced that it intended to enter into an agreement to be acquired by an investor group. Read Full News Here

from Express & Mail

* USA - Tough times for UPS raise questions about DHL deal
UPS is continuing to suffer the effects of economic recession in the US and worldwide, confirmed the company’s 2008 Q3 results published yesterday (October 23). Read Full Brief Here

* USA - UPS announces 2009 rate increases
UPS has released new list rates for 2009 which include an average net increase of 4.9% for all air express and US-origin international shipments. Read Full News Here

* Dubai/UAE - Dubai World subsidiary forms mailroom services JV
Dubai World has announced a new venture involving the mail activities of EZ Post FZE, a recently-formed subsidiary of its Economic Zones World business. Read Full News Here

* Hongkong/China - Hongkong Post launches fast courier service to Asia and Europe Hongkong Post has introduced a new Speedpost service which it claims will offer speedy delivery to major Asian and European cities. Read Full News Here

* USA - FedEx Express breaks ground for new CEE hub
US-based global express giant FedEx Express yesterday (October 20) broke ground for a new hub at Cologne/Bonn airport in Germany, the site of its new Central and Eastern Europe gateway. Read Full News Here

* USA - Two new developments in FedEx Ground ‘sub-contractors’ saga
A continuing dispute over the status of FedEx Ground drivers in the US – whether they should be classified as employees or owner-operators/sub-contractors – took two further turns this week. Read Full News Here

* Holland - TNT claims new Osaka gateway will boost China-Japan trade
Global express operator TNT yesterday (October 23) announced the opening of the company’s new international gateway at Japan’s Osaka Kansai International Airport. Read Full News Here

* The Neatherlands - DHL launches transpacific partnership with Polar Air Cargo
DHL Express yesterday (October 23) confirmed plans to launch its transpacific partnership with worldwide B747 freighter operator Polar Air Cargo this coming Monday, October 27. Read Full News Here

from Road Freight

* USA - Ryder delivers moderate growth in tough markets
This year’s third quarter results from
Ryder System Inc, announced yesterday (October 22), show some growth in both profits and sales. Read Full Brief Here

* USA - UPS announces 2009 rate increases
UPS has released new list rates for 2009 which include an average net increase of 4.9% for all air express and US-origin international shipments. Read Full News Here

* USA - Greatwide Logistics set to be acquired by investor group
Greatwide Logistics Services – a US provider of national third party logistics services – this week announced that it intended to enter into an agreement to be acquired by an investor group. Read Full News Here

from Air Cargo

* France - Aeroports de Paris and Schiphol Group to create European 'dual hub'
Two of Europe’s leading airport operators yesterday (October 21) announced their intention to enter into a long-term industrial cooperation and 8% cross-shareholding agreement. Read Full Brief Here

* UK - Airline cargo fuel surcharges set to continue falling
British Airways World Cargo has announced a further reduction in its cargo fuel surcharges from November 3. Read Full News Here

* China - Cargo 2000 extends presence into northern China
Cargo 2000 yesterday (October 21) announced an increased presence in China following the decision of Tianjin AirCargo Terminal to join its air cargo quality improvement programme. Read Full News Here

from Warehousing

* Japan - Mitsubishi Logistics leases Shanghai space from ProLogis
ProLogis has leased approximately 16,200 sq m in Shanghai, China, to Mitsubishi Logistics – its first lease agreement with that leading Asian third party logistics provider. Read Full News Here

* USA - ProLogis expands South Korean distribution centre portfolio
ProLogis this week announced that ProLogis Korea Property Fund had acquired a $44m distribution centre in Icheon City, South Korea. Read Full News Here

* Belgium - IIG details adidas distribution centre project in Ukraine
European logistics real estate developer Immo Industry Group and Ukrainian partner Aladdin Group have started building a new distribution centre in Ukraine for sporting goods manufacturer adidas. Read Full News Here

from Shipping/Ports

* Europe - Container lines face further regulatory challenges in
Hot on the heels of the abolition of liner shipping conferences in Europe on October 18, container lines face further changes to the regulatory environment governing their operations.
Read Full Brief Here

* Holland - Rotterdam port reports 2% TEU growth over first nine months
Europe’s leading container port,
Rotterdam, yesterday (October 21) reported just a 2% increase – to 8.2m – in the number of TEUs handled in the first nine months of this year. Read Full News Here

* Singapore - APL slashes capacity and reorganises worldwide service network
Leading global container shipping line APL yesterday (October 21) announced a major reduction in capacity and significant changes to its global service network. Read Full News Here

from IT Solutions

* UK - Real time supply chain visibility - increasing for shippers and 3PLs
The last few years have seen rapid developments in real time supply chain visibility, with the main beneficiaries being high volume shippers, 3PLs and freight forwarders. Ti interviewed two US-based technology company executives, John Urban, President of
GT Nexus, and Larry Trebesch, General Manager, China, at Savi Networks. They will both be speaking at Ti’s conference 'Global Distribution Strategies - Asia Pacific 2008'. Read Full Brief Here

* USA - JDA Software publishes latest results and i2 acquisition update
JDA Software Group Inc, a US-based company which specialises in supplying supply chain and revenue management solutions, this week unveiled its financial results for the 2008 third quarter. Read Full News Here

* USA - Manhattan Associates reports Q3 2008 revenue and earnings
US-based supply chain optimisation provider Manhattan Associates this week reported its key 2008 third quarter financial figures. Read Full News Here


Truck Owner/Operators * Canada - Prepare for Negotiations with Vancouver Port Authority

Surrey,BC,CAN -CNW/News Wire -Oct. 27, 2008: -- Over 350 members of CAW Local 2006 VCTA/CAW met on October 26 in Surrey, B.C. to discuss a bargaining strategy to replace the collective agreement which expires on December 31, 2008... Paul Johal, president of CAW Local 2006 said that the group is having considerable problems getting workplace issues resolved, especially with manyemployers moving to utilize hourly drivers at the expense of owner/operators... "This, combined with the high fuel prices and a dispatch system that creates long delays, is adding many challenges which have to be resolved," he said... From the outset the union has raised the issue of too many trucks haulingout of the port - it makes it impossible for anyone to make a decent living -we need a limitation on hourly trucks replacing owner/operators. The VancouverPort Authority (VPA) needs to resolve this issue, which is a major problem for the union...



* UPS to Buy New Hydraulic Hybrid Trucks

Atlanta,GA,USA -Transport Topics -27 Oct 2008: -- UPS Inc. said Monday it will buy seven new hydraulic hybrid vehicles produced by Eaton Corp. and Navistar International Corp.... The company said it will be the first in the package delivery industry to purchase vehicles with the technology, which promises dramatic cuts in fuel costs and emissions, UPS said in a statement... Hydraulic hybrids have diesel engines and store energy by compressing hydraulic fluid under pressure, the company said...

* Covenant Reports 3Q Loss

USA -Transport Topics -27 Oct 2008: -- Covenant Transportation Group said late Monday it lost $3.4 million, or 24 cents a share, in the third quarter, compared with a loss of $3.6 million, or 25 cents, a year ago... Revenue rose 20.9% to $212.5 million, the truckload carrier said in a statement... Freight revenue, which excludes fuel surcharges, rose 9.7% to $162.9 million, Covenant said...

* JHT Holdings Emerges From Chapter 11 - Company and Lenders Have Great Confidence in Future Success - JHT Completes Financial Reorganization

Kenosha,WIS,USA -MarketWatch -Oct 27, 2008: -- JHT Holdings, Inc. (JHT), a holding company whose subsidiaries provide heavy- and medium- duty truck transportation services, announced today that it had successfully emerged from Chapter 11 and named Michael Testman as its new CEO to fully implement its Plan of Reorganization. The announcement follows the approval earlier this month of the company's Plan of Reorganization by Judge Brendan L. Shannon of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware...

* California attorney general sues 3 trucking companies as part of working conditions investigation

Sacramento,CAL,USA -89.3KPCC, by Molly Peterson -27 Oct 2008: -- California attorney general Jerry Brown says he’s suing three trucking companies working the San Pedro ports... Complaints filed in Los Angeles Superior Court allege that Moreno Trucking, Guasimal Trucking, and Edmund Jose Lira all hired drivers they treated illegally as contractors. The state claims the trucking companies control all aspects of the drivers’ work, own the trucks they drive, and pay the drivers’ hourly wages – often for 60 or more hours a week... An estimated 16,000 drivers serve the ports of Long Beach and L.A. Labor activists say more than 90 percent of those drivers work as independent contractors, not as employees...

* J.B. Hunt adapts hauling techniques

Lowell,MASS,USA -AP/The Batesville Daily Guard -October 27, 2008 — J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. has shifted to intermodal transport, using rail lines as part of an effort to diversify its business from its customary emphasis on using tractor-trailers... The company has been reducing its truck-load segment as it develops its use of rail lines. Also, the Lowell-based company has begun a brokerage business as further insulation against the cycles that cause the fortunes of trucking companies to zigzag...



* Germany - Daimler Sets Month-Long German Production Halt

Stuttgart,Gedrmany -Bloomberg/Transport Topics -27 Oct 2008: -- Daimler AG will close its 14 plants in its home country of Germany for a month starting in December as it slows production because of falling demand for cars and trucks... The closure will run from Dec. 12 to Jan. 12 and will affect about 150,000 workers, who will be kept on full pay, a company spokesman told Bloomberg... Daimler cut its full-year earnings forecast last week even as it posted a higher third-quarter profit than a year ago. The Stuttgart, Germany-based company is under pressure as the global financial crisis and economic slowdown hurt demand for its upscale cars...


FUEL PRICES * USA - Oil Hits 17-Month Low Near $60 a Barrel

New York,NY,USA -Bloomberg/Transport Topics -27 Oct 2008: -- With world financial markets in turmoil, the price of crude oil continued to tumble, reaching a 17-month low below $62 a barrel... Crude futures reached as low as $61.30 in pre-market trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the lowest price since May 9, 2007... Oil peaked at a record closing-price of $145.18 a barrel on the Nymex July 14 and has fallen more than 50% since then... OPEC ministers said Friday they may trim production in light of falling prices, but the price declines are largely because of falling demand because of the economic uncertainty worldwide, Bloomberg said...

* Gasoline Plunges 53¢ in Two Weeks, to $2.78 a Gallon

New York,NY,USA -Transport Topics -27 Oct 2008: -- The national average price of regular gasoline plunged 53 in the two weeks ended Friday to $2.78 a gallon, according to the latest Lundberg Survey of filling stations released Sunday... Mid-grade averaged $2.93, and premium averaged $3.05, analyst Trilby Lundberg in her filling-station survey, which is released twice a month... The downturn coincided with plunging oil prices, which have fallen more than 50% to near $60 a barrel since topping out at $145.18 in mid-July... Gasoline was cheapest in Wichita, Kan., at $2.26 a gallon, and most expensive in Anchorage, Alaska, at $3.50, Lundberg said...

* Sunoco cuts back on refining as oil prices drop

New York,NY,USA -The Wall Street Journal/Transport Topics -October 27, 2008: -- ... Sunoco is shutting down a unit used in gasoline production at one of its refineries... Gasoline prices have dropped even faster than oil prices, and refiners are currently losing money with each barrel of crude oil they process into gasoline...


TRUCKING PROGNOSIS * USA & Canada - Trucking analyst expects economic turnaround in late 2009

Halifax,NS,Canada -Truck News, by James Menzies -24 Oct 2008: -- Ray Mawhinney, chair of RBC Asset Management, delivered a refreshingly optimistic overview of the US economy and its trucking industry during the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association's first ever International Transportation Summit here this week... The overall verdict? Mawhinney said he expects the US to emerge from a recession in late 2009, paving the way for a better 2010... "Lots of people think it's going to be a longer term recession," acknowledged Mawhinney. "Our feeling is that the federal banks have acted forcefully and quickly, and they will get to the point where they can actually get credit moving again and get confidence restored for an improving trend in the last half of 2009."...


STATISTICS * USA - ATA Truck Tonnage Index Fell 0.9 Percent in September

Arlington,VA,USA -MarketWatch -Oct 27, 2008: -- The American Trucking Associations' advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index decreased 0.9 percent in September, marking the third consecutive month-to-month drop... The index fell 1.6 percent in August and 0.9 percent in July. In September, the seasonally adjusted tonnage index equaled 112.6 (2000 = 100), its lowest level since October 2007. The not seasonally adjusted index increased 1.1 percent to 116.3 in September... For the third quarter, the seasonally adjusted index contracted 1.2 percent compared with the second quarter, equating to a 4.8 percent annualized rate decrease... The seasonally adjusted index was just 0.8 percent higher compared with September 2007. While the index rose year-over-year because of weak 2007 volumes, it is quickly falling toward negative territory...


Oct 27, 2008

Diesel crunch worsens * Canada - Supply weeks from normal

Smack dab in the middle of the prairies the price of diesel fuel for once isn't cheaper than anywhere else in Canada. Most likely western truckers would gladly pay no matter the cost - if they could actually find it

Edmonton,ALB,Canadá -Today's Trucking -27 Oct 2008: -- ... A critical shortage of diesel fuel in western Canada has left many truckers running on fumes. And a full recovery is still weeks away, we're told... A combination of planned and unplanned maintenance shutdowns at a trio of refineries in Alberta drastically cut the supply of diesel at the beginning of October... Several service stations and cardlocks across the prairies went dry and the outlets that did have diesel at the pumps began rationing the fuel... Carriers in Alberta and the rest of the prairies still report fuel rationing and cardlock closures... Orlick runs a fleet of a less than 50 trucks that don't venture much beyond Alberta's borders, but it still takes a lot of fuel to trek up and down the province... (Picture: Carriers in Alberta and the rest of the prairies still report fuel rationing and cardlock closures)


TRUCKING'S AWARDS * Canada - Manitoba Man Named Canada's Truck Driver of the Year

Driver has driven 6.6 million collision free kilometers in 40 years on the road

Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada -Marketwire -Oct. 27, 2008: -- Burton "Bud" Rush (Oakbank, MB) a transport driver with Armstrong Moving and Storage Ltd. (a division of United Van Lines Canada Ltd.), has been named the 2008 Canadian Trucking Alliance/Volvo Trucks Canada National Driver of the Year... Mr. Rush has driven 6.6 million collision free kilometers in 40 years of commercial truck driving... Rush was awarded on Friday (Oct 24) the honourary title 'CTA/Volvo Trucks Canada National Driver of the Year', and presented with a keepsake plaque and a cash prize at an awards dinner held by the Manitoba Trucking Association (The Gates on Roblin, Headingly, MB) and attended by industry leaders...

* Manitoba Woman Named National Dispatcher of the Year

Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada -Marketwire -Oct. 27, 2008: -- Janet Murray of Warren, MB, a dispatcher with Payne Transportation L.P. (Rosser, MB) has been named Canada's 2008 dispatcher of the year by Shaw Tracking and the Canadian Trucking Alliance for her commitment to dispatch excellence. Murray's nomination was supported by Payne's drivers, customers and managers and selected by a panel of industry judges... Murray was presented Friday (Oct. 24) with the prestigious title 'CTA/Shaw Tracking National Dispatcher of the Year', a keepsake plaque and a cash prize, at an awards banquet held by the Manitoba Trucking Association (The Gates on Roblin, Headingly, MB) and attended by industry leaders...


POLLUTION * VietNam - Trucks full of dust pollute Ha Noi

Lorries full of construction dust are harming public health

HA NOI,VietNam -VietNnam Nnews/VNAgency -27 Oct 2008: -- Capital city residents are being forced to suffer impacts from huge volumes of dust released by construction- site lorries that fall through regulatory cracks... An environmental officer in Ha Noi indicates there are two causes of air pollution at construction sites that are difficult to tackle. First, lorries and tipper trucks do not cover their loads before moving in or out of the construction sites. Second, construction sites themselves are not covered to prevent dust from flying into the air... Hoang Duc Dung, a health department official says that air pollution from city construction sites is a serious problem because hundreds of people are suffering from damaging consequences... (Photo by Thanh Phan - VNA/VNS - Dust from uncovered lorries carrying construction material cause heavy pollution in cities)


TRUCKS SALES * UK - Scottish Coal purchases 32 Terex trucks

Ayrshire,Scotland,UK -Mining Enviromental -27 Oct 2008: -- Scottish Coal, part of the Scottish Resources Group, has recently added 16 Terex TR100 rigid trucks to its mining fleet at the Pennyvenie opencast coal mine in Ayrshire, Scotland. The company has also ordered a further 16 units which will be delivered to their Lanarkshire site later this year... The new trucks will be used to move overburden such as peat, sub soil and rock, and will be loaded by Terex RH120Cs and RH120Es shovels. The project is expected to last three to five years during which time the coal extracted will be processed and delivered throughout the UK...


STRIKE * Uganda / Kenya - Truck drivers call off strike

A two-day strike by long distance truck drivers at Malaba on the Uganda-Kenya border has been called off

Malaba, Kenya/Uganda border -New Vision -26 October, 2008: -- ... This followed a meeting between the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), the Kenyan government transport ministry officials and the drivers’ representaives on Tuesday... The strike, which started on Monday, was in protest of the poor conditions at Malaba customs parking yard, extortion and harrassment... It was called off after URA promised to solve the drivers’ grievances by next month...


Oct 26, 2008

TRUCKER AWARD * Jamaica - "Truck Fest" keeps on trucking

Kingston,Jamaica -The Jamaica Gleaner, by Brian Carless -October 26, 2008: -- Trucks from all over the island lined up at Truck Fest Part II in Priory, St Ann, last Sunday, competing for bragging rights. Who would drive away with the biggest title in the local trucking industry, 'Best Truck of the Year', was anyone's guess... However, before the day ended, Garfield Bonner with his rig 'The Gargamel' emerged the winner of Truck Fest 2008... (Photo by Brian Carless - Patrons at Truck Fest Part II in Priory, St Ann, last Sunday are enthralled by fireworks from this truck)


TRUCKERS' STORIES * USA - Hard work, cozy 'home' for truckers

Rocky Mount,NC,USA -The Rocky Mount Telegram, by Laura McFarland -Oct 24, 2008: -- Larry James’ commute to work is short...He climbs out of bed, dresses and walks the three steps to his office, the front seat of his 18-wheeler. End of commute... "Beyond the seat of the truck is my living room. My shoes come off at the driver’s seat. From there back is carpet. That is my home with my TV and DVD player. There are two bunks. ... I use the upper bunk for storage, and the lower bunk is where I sleep," said James, an independent driver out of Nashville...Being able to cut back on how much he eats out would also help James. He has a coffee pot and a cooler that plugs into his cigarette lighter allows him to keep milk, water and some foods, but having a refrigerator would be better. ... "I try to stay healthy and try not to look like that truck driver image that everybody thinks is out here — big, fat roly-poly, filthy, dirty truck driver. That is not me,” James said... (Telegram photos by Alan Campbell - Nr. 1 (above): On the business end, Larry James' truck includes a laptop computer. Some drivers also have wireless Internet connections to help them find loads to move or to allow them to communicate with their families... Nr 2 (below): The sleeper compartment in Larry James' 2000 Freightliner Classic truck includes two bunks, a television and a DVD player. The creature comforts are powered by a fuel-conserving auxiliary power unit)


TRUCKERS' COMPLAIN * Bermuda - ' I was forced out of truck business'

Hamilton,Bermuda -The Royal Gazette, by Amanda Dale -25 Oct 2008: -- After 13 years as an independent trucker, Scott Lopes said this year he finally "had enough"... Mr. Lopes, 40, of Smith's, sold his business this summer out of frustration at the growing number of tractor trailer dumpsters on the roads... "I was forced out of business," said Mr. Lopes. "I sold my truck due to the influx of illegal dumpsters, as the loss in business resulted in me being unable to make a profit"... Richard Foggo, president of the New Bermuda General Truckers Association, yesterday estimated its members were losing up to $50,000 a day in business – approximately $500 each, due to the larger dumpster trucks being operated by construction and excavation companies... These vehicles can take up to five times the load of the smaller hire trucks, undercutting them in both time and costs... (Picture: Independent trucker Scott Lopes,'Forced out')