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Feb 29, 2008

FUEL COSTS * USA - Nationwide diesel prices hit all-time high

Cost of trucking will pass to consumers

San Luis Obispo,CA,USA -KSBY, by Carina Corral -Feb 28, 2008: -- Nationwide, diesel gas prices hit an all-time high, topping the previous record by nearly 11 cents... According to AAA, in San Luis Obispo County, diesel costs an average of $3.93 a gallon, compared to $3.11 this time last year... In Santa Barbara County, it's a bit cheaper at $3.87 cents a gallon, compared to $3.05 a year ago... As one trucker we talked with puts it, these record prices don't just affect truck drivers, they affect anyone who buys anything... It used to be truck drivers paid the least to fill up their tanks. Nowadays, diesel prices have surged higher than even premium gas...



* Italy - Iveco doubles up for the Commercial Vehicle Show 2008

Italy -Transport News Network -28 Feb 2008: -- Iveco, Europe’s largest full range commercial vehicle manufacturer, will be exhibiting products across two main stands at the CV Show 2008, with a line-up of vehicles ranging from 3.5 to 44 tonnes... This will include Iveco’s largest ever display of heavy trucks at the CV Show, comprising four Stralis’ and one Trakker, supported by a separate light commercial stand featuring three popular Daily models...


'Black Boxes' * Australia - Trucks could carry they

Heavy trucks could be fitted with electronic "black boxes" in a radical plan to cut the national road toll

Adelaide,South Australia,Australia -The Advertiser Adelaide -February 29, 2008: -- ... Federal and state transport ministers will today debate a plan to fit digital tachographs to heavy road vehicles... The black boxes would monitor speed and other safety issues, but has already raised some concerns about privacy... But transport ministers, are expected to support a trial of the black boxes, alarmed that one in five road deaths involve heavy trucks...


TRUCKING COSTS * Australia - Increased fees will hurt consumers

Canberra,Australia -ABC News -Feb 29, 2008: -- Trucks drivers have urged Australia's transport ministers to rethink proposed increases in registration fees and fuel tax when they meet in Canberra today... The increases have been recommended by the National Transport Commission to make sure the trucking industry pays its share of road maintenance... But chief executive of the Australian Trucking Association, Stuart St Clair, says any increase in costs for the industry would eventually be passed onto consumers through higher prices... He say the ministers should delay putting up the charges as part of efforts to fight inflation...

* Ramsey urges ministers to oppose trucking cost increases
Port Augusta,Australia -ABC North and West -February 28, 2008: -- The federal Member for Grey, which covers 92 per cent of South Australia, has called on national transport ministers to oppose increases to registration costs and fuel taxes for truck drivers... Transport ministers from across the country will meet in Sydney on Friday to discuss a plan to increase the costs... But Rowan Ramsey says people living in remote and rural areas would be hardest hit because nearly everything they buy has to be trucked in... He said, "As rural Australia is one of the biggest users of transport, you can be rest assured that it'll be us that'll be paying the bills and I don't think we need it"... (Video from YouTube, by gm16v149 -November 16, 2007: "Going thru the gears in a CAT V8 powered 80 ton road train" - Only watch this if you like big bore V8s and you've got good speakers with the volume cranked right up! Cab ride on the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia near the roadhouse. If you've ever wondered how long it takes to get up to speed @ 80 tons with 600 HP this will give you some idea. More vids to follow later. Please rate and comment!)


TAXES * Canada - Not neutral for trucking industry

British Columbia, Canada -The Vancouver Sun, by Paul Landry: president of the B.C. Trucking Association - February 28, 2008: -- The $1.85-billion carbon tax plan may be revenue neutral for British Columbians overall, but one of the net losers will be the trucking industry... Carbon taxes will cost the trucking industry dearly -- about $1,000 per long-haul truck this year, $3,000 in 2009 and $6,000 in 2012... Offsetting income, business and corporate taxes and a PST exemption on aerodynamic add-ons will help, but won't make up the difference for an industry that relies on diesel fuel to provide its service -- and has few "lower-carbon" choices... Alternative transportation may exist for some people, but not for trucking...

* Federal budget offers few direct benefits to the trucking industry
Ottawa,Ont,CAN -Truck News, by Jan Westell -29 Feb 2008: -- The trucking industry is not overjoyed about the recent federal budget announcement, and neither is another related industry... However, there may be some indirect, eventual benefits, such as $10 million for analysis on biofuel emissions. Yet, the B.C. trucking industry is doubtful there will be any immediate benefit in that regard... The federal budget also announced improvements to the tune of $75 million at Canadian border crossings, specifically to "facilitate trade, travel and commerce," according to the federal budget 2008 document, an efficiency plan that gains the approval from the BCTA... (Video from YouTube, by gangesex -February 01, 2008: "Canada Oilpatch Trucking Sinkings, Wrecks and Recoveries". Maybe you'll recognize some of these! Some photos of frac trucks, bed trucks, wireline trucks, cats, excavators, etc etc all with a strange thing in common.....)



* USA - Exousia Announces Significant Increase in Orders from American Cargo

Sugar Land,TX,USA -PRNewswire/FirstCall -Feb. 28, 2008: -- Exousia Advanced Materials, Inc. announces that American Cargo Products (ACP) has placed an order for one hundred and fifty commercial cargo boxes to be constructed using Exousia's RPA based TrussCore Laminated Panels... RPA is a proprietary TPO (thermo-plastic olefin) resin that bonds rubber and plastic to produce a new category of resins with enhanced performance characteristics that include greater resilience, the ability tosustain high impact, and increased longevity... TrussCore is an RPA-based structural core. In the manufacturing process, sheets of RPA are vacuum-pulled into an open honey comb structure. The TrussCore is then laminated with RPA sheets to produce structural panels with substantial strength relative to weight. TrussCore is also UV and moisture-resistant...

* USA - Watsontown Trucking Deploys DriverTech Fleet-Wide

Salt Lake City,UH,USA -Business Wires -February 28, 2008: -- DriverTech, the leading provider of advanced onboard solutions for the transportation industry, announced today that Watsontown Trucking Company has adopted the DriverTech DT4000 TruckPC for fleet-wide rollout... The DriverTech DT4000 TruckPC, running WindowsXP, is designed specifically for in-cab use in the transportation industry... Watsontown Trucking Company has grown to a successful company employing 265 people today. The fleet now totals 215 trucks and 600 trailers headquartered in their newly constructed operations and maintenance center located on 25 acres in Milton, PA...


Hours Of Service * WORLDWIDE

* Brazil - Court injunction in, wins truckers a shorter working day

Cuiaba,Mato Grosso,Brazil -International Transport Workers' Federation 27 February 2008: -- A court in Brazil has ruled that companies should limit truckers’ working day to eight hours... The preliminary injunction, which was imposed by prosecutors in Cuiaba in Mato Grasso, applies to transport companies across Brazil. It responds to evidence that trucks are involved in 70 per cent of accidents on Mato Grosso highways; that some 51 per cent of truckers passing through Mato Grosso use or have used drugs to stay awake and that 46 per cent work more than 16 hours a day... The injunction outlines that tachographs, which record distances travelled by trucks and the speeds at which they are travelling, are to be used to monitor how long a driver is working. Where limits are exceeded, fines amounting to US$1000 will be imposed on the company employing the driver. The injunction also applies to owner-drivers...

* USA & Canada - Other Unions - What their doing...
USA -Trucking Boards, by Canadian, Seasoned Veteran -28 Feb 2008: -- A court in Brazil has ruled that companies should limit truckers’ working day to eight hours... ITF-road transport union: International Transport Workers' Federation: News online... Trucks all over the country are set to stop where they are at noon on Wednesday, as their drivers honour dead colleagues and protest substandard highways in Norway: See below: To stop where they are * Norway - truckers protests -


Sector Glance * USA - LTL Carriers Sink

New York,NY,USA -Forbes/Associated Press -27 Feb 2008: -- Investors steered away from less-than-truckload carriers Wednesday, as the trucking industry's trade association suggested that freight volumes are slowing this month, despite a reported uptick in January... Total goods shipped by truck in the U.S. rose 2.4 percent in January from a year earlier, after increasing 1.5 percent in December, according to the ATA. The tonnage index measures the weight of freight hauled by U.S. truckers based on membership surveys... "I anticipate that truck tonnage will recover before the general economy, but I am withholding judgment on whether truck tonnage is in a recovery mode until I analyze another month or two of data," American Trucking Associations Chief Economist Bob Costello said... Less-than-truckload, or LTL carriers, usually fill their trucks with freight from a variety of sources and might re-sort and redistribute it at a company terminal along their route...



* Germany - Cleaner engines may boost Bayerische
Munich,Germany -The Detroit News (Detroit,Mich,USA) -29 Feb 2008: -- Bayerische Motoren Werke AG , whose 7-Series sedan spews twice as much carbon dioxide as General Motors Corp.'s tiny Corsa, may boost its stock 30 percent with cleaner engines that meet Europe's new carbon-emission rules... The outlays will give the Germans a lead as clean-air laws tighten worldwide, MM Warburg Investment Research analyst Marc-Rene Tonn predicts. "The regulations could easily become an advantage for the premium carmakers as they have always had to stay several steps ahead technologically and now will be forced to be even further ahead," Tonn said.

* USA - Navistar refiles Ford suit over engines
Warrenville,Ill,USA -The Detroit News (Detroit,Mich,USA) -29 Feb 2008: -- Navistar International Corp ., a diesel-engine supplier to Ford Motor Co. for more than 25 years, said it refiled a breach-of-contract suit against the automaker. Navistar says Ford backed out of a pledge to use Navistar engines in Ford pickup trucks. A Navistar lawsuit was dismissed in September in order to allow Navistar to mediate a third-party dispute. That dispute is settled and Navistar is taking the case up again...


Feb 28, 2008

Trucking group Warns * USA - soaring diesel costs will be passed on

Oklahoma,OK ,USA -The Journal Recordby Jerry Shottenkirk -February 28, 2008: -- Diesel fuel prices on Wednesday soared to a record high for the second consecutive day, and the trucking industry has no choice but to pass some of the costs, said Dan Case, executive director of the Oklahoma Trucking Association... The national average jumped to $3.61 per gallon, and Oklahoma also reached an all-time state high of $3.44 per gallon... Case said truck transport has not decreased and probably won’t anytime soon... Trucks usually have tanks that hold 300 gallons of fuel... The saver for trucker is a fuel surcharge, which is costly to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and that cost likely is handled by the consumer... Truckers get about five miles to the gallon, or about 1,500 miles per tank full... (Photo by Jennifer Pitts - Semitrucks pull into the JRS truck stop on Reno Wednesday)


Speed Limit * USA - Manitoba government gets approval to hike speed limit to 110 km/h

Winnipeg,MAN,CAN -The Winnipeg Sun -February 27, 2008: -- Manitoba drivers will soon enjoy the same right to drive 110 kilometres per hour as their counterparts in the other Prairie provinces, but not all motorists are happy... The province’s Highway Traffic Board has approved a government plan to raise the limit from the current 100 km/h on certain stretches of road that have wide shoulders, rumble strips and other safety features... The idea has plenty of critics, however. People who attended the traffic board’s public hearings earlier this year said faster cars and trucks will lead to more accidents. The Manitoba Trucking Association is concerned that faster speeds will reduce fuel efficiency and require truckers to spend more on fuel... (Video from YouTube, by echoo2 -May 30, 2007: "TRUCK DRIVE DOWN PORTAGE" - A trip down Portage ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, for people that use to live here and miss the drive, hope you enjoy the ride)


Clean Trucks Program * USA - L.A. approves two-thirds of

A progressive ban on older big rigs entering the Port of Los Angeles and a corresponding cargo fee aimed at generating $1.6 billion to pay for cleaner-burning trucks were approved Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council

Los Angele3s,CAL,USA -The Daily Breeze, by Art Marroquin -27 Feb 2008: -- ... However, a plan to require drivers to be employees of trucking companies remains in limbo as city and port officials try to wrap up the final and most disputed portion of the Clean Trucks Program... Some 16,800 drayage trucks built before 1989 will be banned from the Port of Los Angeles beginning Oct. 1, under the plan approved by the City Council. From there, trucks operating at the port will face increasingly stricter emissions regulations, with a goal to meet 2007 federal emissions standards by Jan. 1, 2012... Port officials hope the plan will reduce harmful diesel emissions by 80 percent within five years...


Nitrogen for tires * USA - An inflated idea?

Most everyone knows it's critical to have tires properly inflated to enhance vehicle performance and safety, get longer tire life and increase gas mileage

Houston,TX,USA -The Houston Chronicle/Cars & Trucks, by Tim Spell -February 26, 2008: -- A company, Air Products and Chemicals, claims it can provide a superior alternative to air. Its boast is using nitrogen for tire inflation with its UltraFill High-Purity Nitrogen Tire Inflation System. Available commercially and for individual consumers (I'm awaiting pricing information), the company makes a long list of reasons for the unit's use: ... Filling up with nitrogen can be surprisingly expensive. Prices of $3 to $5 per tire are typical but $10 per tire isn't uncommon. Some gas stations still offer compressed air (which is about 78% nitrogen) free of charge while others charge 25 cents for a minute or so of inflation time...


Low Emission Zone * UK - London: What it means for Haulage Workers

London,UK, by Luke Davies -26 Feb 2008: -- The London Low Emission Zone has now officially come into effect. Quite a few readers will doubtless be asking what it is, what it does, and how it will effect haulage companies and owner operators if media reports of the public being unaware of its existence are to be believed... Unsurprisingly, its something our members are beginning to grumble about, and it will only increase as more haulage vehicles are encompassed by the London Low Emissions Zone. For the moment though, it’s best to be aware of the restrictions so you can avoid the heavy fees levied for vehicles in the capital. My (slightly biased) advice to all concerned about the LEZ is to join a freight exchange, and swap loads to either make paying £200 a day worthwhile, or to take on work exclusively away from London to avoid the charges altogether... (VideofromYouTube, by stonedshaun -February 13, 2008: "Low Emission Zone" - Shaun Raymond Palmer expresses his opinions on the London Low Emission Zone)

* New removal vehicles to ease city congestion

London,UK -This is Local London -28 Feb 2008: -- Hi-tech removal vehicles are to be introduced along some of London's busiest roads in the latest move to reduce congestion in the capital... Transport for London's latest scheme will see 21 trucks operate along the city's red route network , which its figures show carry around a third of the capital's traffic... The new trucks are fitted with satellite navigation and automatic number plate recognition software. Parking attendants will be able to call on the trucks to remove vehicles parked illegally or blocking the road... Abandoned vehicles will also be picked up by the trucks and moved to one of nine vehicle pounds situated cross London. The scheme will see 24 hour patrolling and removal of vehicles...



* Nissan recalls Navara trucks over airbags

London,UK -The Times , by Helen Nugent -February 27, 2008: -- Britain's biggest-selling 4x4 pick-up truck is being recalled so that an airbag problem can be corrected, after the vehicle received an “extremely poor” safety rating... The Nissan Navara received only one star for the protection it offered its occupants in a crash test...



* Sweden - Volvo: Tests With Tired Drivers Increase Traffic Safety

Stockholm,Sweden -VOLVO PressRelease/Business Wire -28 Feb 2008: -- Today, the Swedish government approved a request for special permission to drive on public roadways with fatigued drivers. This decision means that Volvo Trucks’ work with a safety system that alerts tired drivers can enter the final phase. Fatigue and inattentiveness, as well as alcohol, are the most common causes of traffic accidents... Research shows that driver fatigue is the cause of 20% or more of the accidents that occur in traffic. This fact is a driving force behind Volvo Trucks’ development of new safety functions for trucks... The safety function that Volvo Trucks would now like to test is based on a system that monitors the way in which the driver operates the vehicle. If the driver becomes inattentive, the vehicle’s pattern of movement changes. This is registered by the system and the driver is alerted...

* Volvo Group CEO to Present CO2-Neutral Trucks

Wien,Austria Wire -27 Feb 2008: -- Leif Johansson to Present Seven Heavy-Duty Trucks, Each Powered by a Different Renewable Fuel and Rated as CO2-Neutral; Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC) to Host Volvo Fleet Introduction... The unveiling of CO2-neutral renewable fuel trucks - 7 trucks operating on 7 renewable fuels. Special Presentation by Leif Johansson, CEO of the VOLVO Group has already demonstrated its ability to develop vehicles for all of the renewable fuel options discussed here. However, the development of carbon dioxide-neutral transport will not happen on its own - nor can we do it alone...


New rules * USA - To clean up truck exhausts

New regulations forcing trucks to curb exhaust fumes come into effect on Friday

Sydney,New South Wales,Australia -The Sydney Morning Herald -February 27, 2008: -- ... The federal vehicle standard requires all new heavy vehicles to reduce soot by up to 98 per cent and nitrous oxide emissions by 30 per cent... The Truck Industry Council (TIC) said manufacturers had introduced the necessary technology to meet the regulations... The standard would dramatically reduce harmful gases from trucks without affecting the road transport industry's efficiency or cost-effectiveness...


Investigation * USA - Speeding Tanker Trucks

Providence,RI,USA -NBC 10 -Feb 27, 2008: -- An NBC 10 investigation looks into speeding tanker trucks on local highways and the risks they pose to drivers... Here are three tips to keep you safe when driving near a tanker truck:

- Be aware of a truck driver's blind spots.
- Don't pass on the right as truckers have trouble seeing cars passing on that side.
- Keep your distance.


Dedicated Lanes * USA - Adding those ones for trucks, would be cost prohibitive

Truck lanes might not be worth the cost

TX,USA -The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TTC News Archives, by Porkus Maximus Tex/ARIEL HART -February 26, 2008: -- Truck lane projects like those proposed on I-75 in Cobb County and the western wall of I-285 might not reduce traffic congestion enough to be worth building, according to a new study by the state Department of Transportation... A 2005 study led by the State Road and Tollway Authority found that building truck-only lanes might significantly ease congestion on nearby regular lanes, including surface streets, but called its report a "limited" effort and recommended further study...


Green Fleet * Canada - UPS Canada Helps Expand Largest Global One

Mississauga,ONT,CAN -Layover -27 Feb 2008: -- UPS Canada today announced it will be rolling out 139 additional cleaner-burning, propane delivery trucks. The majority of these vehicles will be deployed in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta and the rest distributed between British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba... The propane vehicles are joining roughly 600 propane trucks already operating in Canada. The addition of these vehicles means more than a third of UPS Canada's 2,000 package delivery vehicles will run on low-carbon fuel... About UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain and freight services...


Tired Truckers * USA - An I-Team 8 Investigation

"There ain't no safety, it's all about money," said J.R. Rose, an Alabama truck driver

Indianapolis,IN,USA -WISH/TV -Feb 26, 2008: -- ... I-Team 8 has discovered that many of those truck drivers, under pressure to drive as long as they can, face obstacles compromising the safety of everyone on the road... Hauling freight cross country is a hard way to scrape out a living especially these days because of high fuel prices. We found a lot of truck drivers cutting corners to deliver goods faster. That trucking companies might be looking the other way, and that government regulations might be encouraging a practice putting the safety of all of us at risk... I-Team 8's investigation found truck drivers are being pushed to the limit because most are paid by the mile. It's causing truck drivers who may be too tired to keep driving...


Feb 27, 2008

Truck Thieves * UK - Metals catch the eye of

London,UK -Road Transport -26 February 2008: -- Criminals are increasingly targeting LGVs for high value metal loads, particularly in the West Midlands, according to Truckpol. The national intelligence unit for road-freight crime says LGVs carrying this sort of goods are typically stolen by force or deception... Truckpol suffered from a lack of accurate statistics provided to it by various police forces in 2007 stats hide scale of truck crime), but it claims around 11% of all truck-related crime last year was for metal goods such as copper and aluminium... This compares with 14% for electrical and 18% for household goods. The unit says thefts of this type in the West Midlands often involved hijacking vehicles and was usually linked to organised criminal gangs...



* Russia - Renault, AvtoVAZ - whither AB Volvo?
Moscow,Russia -The World Trucks Blog (UK) -26 Feb 2008: -- Although Renault SA’s pursuit of AutoVAZ – Russia’s largest carmaker – has been an open secret for some time now, the news that a deal looks set to be signed on Friday of this week gives us cause for thought... Who wields the ‘fluence in the AB Volvo operation? Whilst it is certainly true that AB Volvo acquired the Renault Truck business – at the second attempt – the fact remains that AB Volvo’s biggest single shareholder is Renault SA. Volvo got the trucks, Renault the shares and so the long day wore onwards...

* Australia - Mack Trucks Cavalcade - That's the way to launch trucks says Biglorryblog!

Mittagong,NSW,Australia -Power Torque by Chris Mullet/Biglorryblog (London,UK) -25 Feb 2008: -- Mack Trucks Australia have recently ran a nationwide cavalcade touring all the major cities and landmarks including, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Albury and Townsville. Why the roadtrip? To show off their new trucks of course... "The launch of the latest Mack Super Liner, Titan, Trident and Granite models in Oz brought out this splendid customising commissioned by Mack Trucks Australia. The new Fusion cab is a major improvement over the previous Vision cab with lower NVH, higher comfort levels and improved specs. Could see the way for Mack to gain ground!"...

* Czech Republic - Skoda and Tedom Trucks

Jablonec,Nisou,Czech Republic -Biglorryblog, by Richard Stanier -26 Feb 2008: -- ... "The Xena design is back in production by Tedom Truck at Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic. The G -19 model (pictured here) is powered by the Tedom TG 210 Euro 4 engine and is available in 4x2 and 4x4 configuration. It appears that the new range is aimed at municipal and utility operators, and although a tall three step cab is not something that immediately seems ideal for this kind of work, I would like to see the venture become a great success"...

* Sweden - Scania OnBoard gets a facelift

Stockholm,Sweden -Road Transport (UK) -26 February 2008: -- Scania has relaunched its fleet management software. Scania OnBoard has been refocused to deliver operators' needs rather than an information overload that is a "geek's paradise", according to marketing manager Darrell Taylor. "The message we received from the field time and time again was 'keep it simple'...

* China - Beiqi Foton Motor Co plans to set up JV in Russia

Beijing,China -26 Feb 2008: -- Chinese truck maker Beiqi Foton Motor Co plans to set up a joint venture in Russia, as the first step in its global expansion... Automaker spokesman Zhao Jingguang said the venture will be formed this year, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 trucks...


EPA papers * USA - Boss had dilemma

Internal documents show some in the agency thought denying a Calif. gas emission waiver a threat to his career

Washington,DC,USA -Associated Press/The Detroit News (Detroit,Mich), by Erica Werner -February 27, 2008: -- Some high-ranking career staffers concerned about the reputation of the Environmental Protection Agency believed that Administrator Stephen Johnson would have to consider resigning if he turned down California's request to reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, new documents show... Johnson denied the waiver request in December, blocking California and at least 16 other states from implementing the reductions... The internal discussions were a part of transcripts released Tuesday by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., who is investigating that decision... William K. Reilly, who served as EPA administrator under President George H.W. Bush spoke to Johnson, but it wasn't clear if he delivered those exact talking points. Reilly co-chairs a bipartisan group called the National Commission on Energy Policy... It's not clear from the document who would have asked Johnson to deny the waiver, which was also opposed by the auto industry, which favors a national approach. Johnson has said repeatedly that he alone made the decision. Boxer, who chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee, questioned that...


PROJECT * USA - Railroad laments stalled San Pedro port yard

A $300 million "green" railroad line serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach might finally be considered by summer

Torrance,CA,USA -The Daily Breeze, by Art Marroquin -25 Feb 2008 : -- ... about three years after the massive project was first suggested, officials said Monday... The Southern California International Gateway rail yard designed by Burlington Northern Santa Fe boasts elements to reduce air, lighting and noise pollution by using cleaner-burning cranes, locomotives and trucks, while also removing about 1million trucks annually from the Long Beach (710) Freeway... If approved by the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners, the proposed rail yard would be built in the east end of Wilmington's industrial area - about four miles from the twin port complex - to transfer cargo containers via rail through the Alameda Corridor... But before the SCIG project can move forward, the Port of Los Angeles must first wrap up loose ends associated with the proposed expansion of the TraPac terminal, which was approved by the harbor commission in December. The project is pending final approval from the Los Angeles City Council... (Map: Los Angeles Times)


TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * USA - Truck tonnage reports second consecutive gain

Arlington,VA,USA -Truck News (Canada), by James Menzies -26 Feb 2008: -- In stark defiance of the popular opinion that the US is on the brink of a recession, truck tonnage in the US made a modest increase for the second straight month in January... The American Trucking Associations announced today that truck tonnage increased 2.4% in January, following an amended 1.5% increase in December. The ATA originally reported a 4.1% gain for December, but that has since been adjusted...



* USA - Jim Owens on Navistar: “A potentially nice fit”

USA -The World Trucks Blog (UK) -26 Feb 2008: -- According to this from Reuters, Jim Owens, CEO and Chairman of Caterpillar says that the company has no plans to exit the On Highway truck engine business. Speaking of the potential tie-up with Navistar, he said: “Obviously I can’t comment. If we had something to announce, we’d announce it”... That’ll be at Conexpo then. But the nature of the announcement – who knows... And the niceness of the fit, we'd opine, is much like beauty. Vested somewhat in the eye of the beholder...

* USA - Area plant to lay off about 90 employees - Navistar represents more than 90 percent of Q3's sales
Urbana,Ill,USA -The Dayton Daily News, by Thomas Gnau -February 26, 2008: -- Q3 Stamped Metal Inc. has notified the state that it will lay off about 90 employees at its Miami Street plant... W. Vernon Bell, Q3's chief financial officer, wrote that the company was offering less than 60 days' notice of the layoffs because "International Truck and Engine Corp. (Navistar) recently advised the company that it will not be purchasing any further materials from the company after March 31, 2008"... Q3 was a supplier to a new line of Navistar International mine-resistant trucks and other Navistar products...

* International celebrates medium-duty success at Work Truck Show

Atlanta,GA,USA -Truck News (CAN), by James Menzies -26 Feb 2008: -- As the first OEM to announce it will meet EPA2010 emissions standards on its medium-duty engines without selective catalytic reduction (SCR), International officials say they're poised to continue their leadership in the Class 6 and 7 segments... International claims it can meet EPA2010 emissions standards on its medium-duty MaxxForce engines by tinkering the fuel system, air management, combustion processes and controls... (Photo: The DuraStar, equipped with the MaxxForce engine, has delivered double-digit fuel economy improvements, the company says)

* Dodge Continues Commercial Vehicle Market Offensive with Strategic Upgrades, Enhancements

Atlanta,GA,USA -Chrysler LLC, PressRelease/Earth Times -26 Feb 2008: -- 2008 Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs' fuel economy 23 percent better than Chevy Kodiak and GMC Topkick; 14 percent better than Ford F-550 Chassis Cab -- 2008 Dodge Sprinter offers 25 percent better fuel economy than Ford E-series vans -- 2008 Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs certified for up to 1,172 lbs. payload advantage over Ford F-450 and F-550 chassis cabs -- 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 Chassis Cab standard Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) increased to class-leading 24,000 lbs. -- Power Take-Off (PTO) pump ratings for all Ram chassis cabs increases 55 percent -- PTO prep package now available with Laramie trim-level trucks -- All-new ambulance prep package introduced for 2009 Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs -- Upgraded brake system for 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 Chassis Cab extends service intervals and delivers maximum stopping power -- New 5.7-liter HEMI(R) V-8 with Variable Valve Timing delivers increased horsepower and torque ratings with improved fuel economy -- Cummins 6.7-liter diesel engine available with Remote Start (automatic only) -- Leading Chevrolet since April, Ford since July, Dodge Ram 3500 Chassis Cab continues sales dominance in Class 3 segment -- With 33,500 commercial vehicles sold in 2007 (285 percent increase since 2003), Dodge is now sixth-largest commercial manufacturer...

* Freightliner debuts first hybrid beverage truck

Atlanta,GA,USA -Truck News (CAN), by James Menzies -26 Feb 2008: -- Freightliner unveiled its first non-utility medium-duty hybrid truck today – a Business Class M2e drop-frame beverage truck... The Class 6 truck is built upon Eaton's hybrid-electric system, which is expected to deliver fuel savings of 30-50% in beverage delivery applications, according to Melissa Kellogg, director of product marketing for Freightliner... (Photo: This Business Class M2e hybrid beverage truck was unveiled at the Work Truck Show)

* Sterling offering Cummins ISL on vocational trucks

Atlanta,GA,USA -Truck News (CAN), by James Menzies -26 Feb 2008: -- Sterling has announced it is now offering the Cummins ISL 8.9-litre engine on its Set-Forward L-Line 111-inch BBC model as well as the Set-Back L-Line 113-inch BBC model... Sterling officials made the announcement today at the National Truck Equipment Association's Work Truck Show. The ISL is ideal for dump, mixer, LTL and government applications, the company announced. Officials claim the new engine offers improved fuel economy and longer maintenance intervals...


PROGNOSIS * USA - Many issues cloud economic forecast for SoCal ports

A variety of issues will reshape the destinies of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach through 2008-09

San Francisco,CAL,USA -Logistics Management, by Patrick Burnson -25 Feb 2008: -- While there may be “a modest uptick” of 2.8 percent in cargo throughput at the nation’s two largest seaports, all indications suggest growth will be flat for the near term, said analysts for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp. ... In its “Industry Outlook” released late last week, analysts said that a variety of issues will reshape the destinies of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach through 2008-09... Factors include port container fees soon to be implemented at both gateways levied to help pay for new trucks and infrastructure projects. As reported in LM, a whole host of related legal challenges may also be in the offing... The report noted that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s coast-wide contract expires in June, giving some shippers reason to explore other sourcing options... The report had on other cautionary note: "Environmental problems will continue to bedevil the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and they are a growing concern at Oakland and San Diego"...


Feb 26, 2008

To stop where they are * Norway - Truck drivers plan protest

Trucks all over the country are set to stop where they are at noon on Wednesday, as their drivers honour dead colleagues and protest substandard highways in Norway

Oslo,Norway -Aftenposten -26 Feb 2008: -- ... Two more truck drivers lost their lives last week in a head-on collision on State Highway 3 at Alvdal in Hedmark Country... Their colleagues want to honor their memory by ceasing all activity for two minutes at midday in the middle of the week... The truckers also are frustrated by a lack of state funds allotted for highway maintenance in Norway. The two-minute work stoppage, expected to leave trucks standing still, is also meant to signal their frustration to state officials... The work stoppage was initiated by the drivers and is being supported by several labour organizations representing professional drivers... (Photo: MMS - This truck skidded off a road last week)


Red-tape parade * USA - Oakland port to eye emissions plan

Oakland,CAL,USA -Land Line Magazine -February 25, 2008: -- Highly restrictive truck regulations advertised as environmentally friendly are spreading up the West Coast like wildfire – and appear to be growing more aggressive at each stop... The Port of Long Beach in California adopted a port concessionaire plan on Tuesday, Feb. 19, requiring trucks to be port-approved, have authority, pay hundreds of dollars to be a concessionaire, and tag each truck with radio frequency identification... The Port of Oakland is developing two truck-related emission reduction regulations, which it plans to consider this spring...


INFRASTRUCTURES * USA - Governors join coalition to seek funding

A group of governors has thrown support behind a new coalition pushing to increase federal funding for highways, bridges and other infrastructure

USA -Land Line Magazine, by David Tanner -February 25, 2008: -- ... Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City formed Building America’s Future in January to call attention to budget shortfalls and the need to fix and build infrastructure... Coalition members held a press conference Sunday, Feb. 24, to receive support from 13 other governors including Jon Corzine of New Jersey, Charlie Crist of Florida, and Deval Patrick of Massachusetts... Ideas for increased revenue include fuel tax increases, toll roads, congestion pricing, public-private partnerships, vehicle-miles taxes, freight fees, transit ticket taxes and other forms of tax increases... Highway user groups including the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association would like to see a priority on responsible spending of current tax revenue before endorsing increased taxes or tolls around the country...


TRUCKING INDUSTRY NEWS * USA - FBI executes search warrants at Memphis trucking company

Memphis,TEN,USA -WMC-TV, by Kontji Anthony -Feb 25, 2008: -- FBI agents executed search warrants Monday at the office of Swift Transportation in Memphis and Swift's training grounds near Millington Regional Jetport, officials said... A statement from the Tennessee Department of Safety said warrants were part of an ongoing investigation being conducted by the FBI... The issuance of commercial driver licenses at Swift's Memphis and Millington locations was suspended, and would remain that way through the course of the investigation, the statement said...



* UK - CEVA wins contract with MAN

London,UK -Eye for Transport -26 Feb 2008: -- CEVA Logistics has been awarded a new five-year contract to manage the Swindon European Logistics Centre (ELC) on behalf of the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group... CEVA is also responsible for daily deliveries of parts stock orders and urgent ‘vehicle off road’ parts to MAN dealerships, and is introducing night-time deliveries to further improve parts availability and enable dealerships to reduce their own stock holdings...

* UK - Culina Logistics provides storage and distribution service for Delamere Dairy

Cheshire,UK -Eye for Transport -26 Feb 2008: -- Delamere Dairy has appointed Culina Logistics to provide a shared-user storage and distribution service for its ambient milk products... Culina Logistics is the new name for the merged businesses of Baylis Logistics (ambient logistics provider) and Culina Logistics (chilled supply chain specialist). The new company operates from a nationwide network of eight distribution centres...

* The Netherlands - Lamnalco Group offers $300m for Smit’s Terminals division

The Netherlands -Reuters/Eye for Transport (London,UK) -26 Feb 2008: -- Smit Internationale has received a formal expression of interest from Lamnalco Group to acquire its global oil and gas terminals services division... Lamnalco is a joint venture between Dutch dredging group Royal Boskalis Westminster and Saudi-based Rezayat Group... Boskalis said its US$300 million bid corresponds to more than twenty times the profit of Smit Terminals and around ten times its EBITDA...